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Meatloaf1981 07-02-2010 10:11 PM

instantly lost the love of my life
Just wanted to share my story.

Long story short I met a girl and we fell in love almost instantly. Soon after we met, a friend of hers was killed so she went to Minnesota (we live in Cali) to attend the funeral but she ended up getting stuck there for 2 full months on other personal business. During this time, her and I talked and got more close than I ever thought possible. Our love was and is unbreakable. This was the woman I wanted to spend the rest of my life with and she felt that was probably even more so about me. She decided to drive back with 2 of her friends instead of flying (I begged her to fly but she decided to make a road trip out of it). She left on a Tuesday morning and we were more excited than EVER to really hit the ground running with this amazing love we had. Last I heard from her was that Wednesday (June 16th), then not a thing from her or ANYBODY for literally a week and a half. I was completely losing my mind not knowing what had happened and fearing the worst. I finally find out from her other friend nearly 2 weeks after that fateful Wednesday that they had pulled over due to car trouble and when Olivia (my wonderful girl) got out of the car, another car hit them and killed her. I found this out 3 days ago. She was my wonderful angel and now she's gone. She was only 23 (I'm 28).

I have nothing else to say about my situation because I am still in shock and cannot stop crying. I have never felt so lost in my whole life.

braveheart226 07-03-2010 10:32 AM

Re: instantly lost the love of my life
I am SO terribly sorry for your loss.

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