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ing20 10-03-2010 12:54 AM

my friend
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somebody pls give me advice

i was in london ten years ago i was homeless and meet a man older then took me in we were so poor and just friends..walk everyday and sit in bath and talk for hours

then i moved to sweden to get my life together remeber hug goodbye

he cried so

we kept in contact write me long letters and sms me alot

he become homeless 2 years ago and we lost contact i miised him so

finelly happy found my soulmate and then added him on f.b got all excited then found he died iam just so sad so many things i wonted to ask him..iam reading his old eamils and seeing pictuses i send him

i cry alot and i written to his family i dont know very well

pls somebody give me advice going out my head i never got to say goodbye

i wont to somebody contact dead my partner says no

so angry with myself why we lost contact if find him 2 weeks ago he would of beign alive only died a week ago

pls help me

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