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skyhawk747 10-13-2018 06:19 PM

Can't stop my hair loss. :-(
I am trying to see if anyone can help me. I apologise again for the long post...

I am Male 49 years old and I've had a couple of transplants to fix the very front uneven hairline which both seemed to have failed. On top of the failed transplant 4-6 months ago I noticed severe shedding. Apart from the uneven front I always had seriously thick hair but the past 6 months this has thinned a lot, I notice it when I run my hands through my hair now.

I have been taking propecia for 18 months as well as minoxidil foam and my diet is good.

My hair transplant Doctor is very confused and referred me to go see a Derma (this was 4 weeks ago.) The Derma looked at my head and said she saw nothing wrong from a visible inspection. She did a biopsy on the side of my scalp as to avoid my thinning area and I said would it not be better to take from the balding area? She said if there is something wrong with my scalp a few cm's from the problem areas will still show and she would have to take 1 or 2 follicles and did not want to take from the visible area as it will show. Anyway, the biopsy came back completely normal and she has ruled out anything wrong with my scalp. She did say to me to try to take 2mg of Propecia instead of 1mg, so I started taking 2mg which is turning out to be expensive!

I had a ton of tests and I had a positive ANA test for autoimmune disease. (1:320, Homogeneous) She immediately felt that was the cause and I was referred to a rheumatologist. My derma said Lupus could cause hair loss but was confused as the scalp biopsy did not show evidence of that in any way.

I saw a Rheumatologist and he said he felt I did not have Lupus as he could see no evidence of this at all and apart from the hair loss I was showing zero symptoms. He said to rule it out he would order the Lupus panel blood test which is quite definitive in a diagnosis. I did a lot of research on autoimmune diseases and asked him could I possibly have MS as that can also cause hair loss and should I see a Neurologist to rule that out? He said yes a lot of MS patients do show up as positive in ANA tests but he said to me "Get MS out of your head, you are showing no symptoms of that at all and on its own it would not cause balding." It's mainly the side effects of the MS medication that cause it.

I also saw an Endocrinologist and she ordered a lot of hormonal blood tests to see if anything hormonal was going on. One thing they ALL had in common was they were all confused that despite me taking minoxidil and Propecia I am still suffering significant shedding and I am also taking Biotin supplements and shampoo, Saw Palmetto, zinc, iron etc.

To sum up my tests, I had...


After a few nervous days every single test came back normal. My Endocrinologist said I am on the lower end of normal for Testosterone but that helps as high levels of Testosterone can contribute to DHT in hair loss. She liaised with all the other doctors and they all came to the conclusion that there is nothing clinically or medically wise that is causing this severe amount of shedding and people are scratching heads. They said it is just male balding but with all the Propecia, Minoxidil, Biotin etc this should at leaset stop the loss but it seems to be having no effect whatsoever :-(

My rheumatologist said he is ruling out anything from his point of view. He said he sees very healthy people that for whatever reason test positive on the ANA tests. He said mine is not high and I may have been like this for years or all of my life, the fact is we have never tested for it. He said completely normal healthy people in society will test positive on a ANA test but do not have anything at all wrong with them. He said 'theoretically speaking' it can suggest I am more susceptible to developing something like Lupus compared to the average person but this is only a statistic.

I saw another Rheumatologist for a second opinion and he concurred with the first Doctor and said I do not have any autoimmune disease.

I have been out today and just lay on the bed for the night and everytime I wake up there are hairs everywhere on the pillow. I have attached a pic of just laying on the bed for 3 hours!

I am desperate to find an answer as I still have a hair and want to keep what I have from going. I have gone from having a thick head of hair to having thin hair in months and my Derma says I probably have 4-12 months left before I am bald if the hair continues to shed at this rate. I am taking everything I can to stop this.

I am so down, can anyone PLEASE help me with any other ideas?

Sorry for the long thread.

yayagirl 10-14-2018 07:09 AM

Re: Cant stop my hair loss. Can anyone help me? :-(
Dear skyhawk,

I'm so sorry you suffer hair loss. My father balded in his 30's-40's, and so did every male in our family, after that. It can be so humiliating unless you can just accept that this is you. When my son began balding he shaved his head in his thirties due to hair loss. Most of our men shave their heads, now, and wear hats. They don't let this interfere with their happiness, [U]and[/U], they all look terrific!

Does anyone else in your family have a hair loss issue? Is it possible the hair loss is just hereditary and not any sort of disease or disorder? It can be painfully humiliating to lose your hair. My hair used to be very thick but has thinned in one spot and I keep trying to cover the thin area, myself. I know that thick body oils can clog hair follicles. What helps me deal with it is to look at what others deal with, then I see it is a quite common thing.

My husband also has that issue. I came across an ordinary shampoo that is making some difference for my husband and also for myself. It is simply called Thicker Fuller Hair distributed by Newhall Laboratories and can be found in US drug stores. The best I can tell is that it breaks down the thick skin oils that can clog hair follicles. My husband began slowly losing his hair in his 40's and just had it cut shorter than he used to wear it. A brother wore his balding hair long in a pony tail and didn't shave his head until he had chemo then he shaved it off. I noticed though he is letting it grow again.

OK, all that to encourage you to accept yourself as you are, change what you can, and just relax about what you cannot change, because [U]accepting yourself is what makes a person attractive[/U]. Sure, go ahead and do what you can, but hon, don't make your happiness all about superficial issues. :angel:


Janet4571 10-16-2018 08:32 PM

re: Can't stop my hair loss. :-(
Hi. I am an older female and was losing my hair consistently for a couple years. Every time I blow-dried and combed my hair, there would be a lot of it on my clothing. And after every shower there would be a bunch around the tub drain. A family member told me to take Hair Revive, which is a supplement. It's hard to find in the drug stores so I order it online. You start off taking 4 capsules a day for about 4-6 weeks, then 2 a day going forward. It has really stopped my hair loss considerably. You might want to give that a try. I can't see that it helped any hair grow back, but it certainly stopped it from falling out anymore.

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