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ishr 10-08-2021 08:11 AM

Hair Fading Fast
57 y/o male - healthy - decent diet, exercise regularly, recent blood work @ GP shows all is well. Have major orthopedic issues from motorcycle wreck in 81. Body seems to be giving out torn tendons, back surgery 09/2020 and arthritis.

Stress is something we all deal with, and I don't really think that mine is any greater than others, but my wife differs - she thinks I have more stress than I realize.

I take Testosterone injections (0.5) and have been for two years.

Had a head FULL of hair two years ago and now the thinning is getting worse by the day.

Thinning and T-shots timing coincide, so I have read about DHT. I know there are meds to inhibit production of DHT, but side effects are rather frightening since some are why I started taking "T" in the first place. I also read that stopping the T shots could lead to hair loss.

Read about Saw Palmetto supplements to offset the DHT and trying to start today.

Any thoughts, ideas, or experiences to share/help?

All is appreciated…

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