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  • Iron or protein deficiency cause hair loss??

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    Old 08-10-2005, 03:40 PM   #1
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    Iron or protein deficiency cause hair loss??


    I've already been to the "Hair Problems" board about this, but I think I went about it all wrong. So, I'm just gonna try here since this does have to do with a nutritional disorder.

    I have been trying so hard to find out why my hair is falling out, and everything that I come across points toward iron deficiency or protein deficiency. I've started taking my iron pills again, that the doc prescribed to me after I had my son, and have a good supply of protein bars in the fridge. I'm also taking biotin for new hair growth. I'm so scared!!! I'm only 21 and I'm going bald it seems like! I know if my hair keeps falling out the way that it has been I will be bald by the end of the year. I know that I loose somewhere between 500 and maybe even a thousand hairs a day. My hair falls out the most during and after a shower and in the morning. I fill my brush up 4 or 5 times after a shower. The weird thing about my hair is that it falls out by the whole entire root. About 1/8" down from the root there is this little white spec of something. I don't know what this is. Is this normal? Another thing is that in not all, but several of my hairs have depigmentation. About 2 to 3 inches at the end of a strand of my hair there is an all-of-the-sudden change to a white color. I've read that this is probably due to being protein deficient. My hair loss started way before I was pregnant but it wasn't this bad. My baby boy is now five months old. I don't have any insurance for myself right now, but as soon as I do, I will go to the doctor and get some blood work done. I just want to know why my hair is falling out. I used to have really pretty and thick hair and now I just hate it ; itís just so ugly anymore. In the mean time, I will try my best to try to find answers for this embarrassing problem. If anybody can give any advice, suggestions, or opinions it would be greatly appreciated. Sorry that this was so long, but thank you for your time.

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    Re: Iron or protein deficiency cause hair loss??

    Hey ALH, i can't give you a specific answer to as to why you're losing your hair and what specific treatment you can use to help your hair from falling out but i will try to give you some information that may help you.

    You are along the right lines of hair loss being an iron deficiency. Hair loss is usually considered to a 'blood deficiency' due to an inadequate intake of nutrients, or the inability to absorb nutrients, or by the loss of blood through gastrointestinal bleeding or excessive menstrual flow.The nutrients most often needed to cure blood deficiencies are iron, folic acid and vitamin b12, protein is also essential.

    However, just by taking an iron supplement it may not cure it as in order to absorb iron one needs adequate copper, B vitamins as well as vitamin C. So you may want to start taking a B vitamin Complex and try to get an iron supplement that also contains Vitamin C (it shouldnt be too hard to find a supplement with iron and Vit C as it is quite well known that Vitamin C helps with absorption of Iron) You may also want to look at your current diet and assess it to whether you are getting enough of these minerals and vitamins from your daily intake of vegetables and fruit. Good sources of iron are found in vegetables, legumes, grains, nuts and seeds (sunflower/pumpkin) However seaweed and micro-algae such as spirulina (which you can also get in tablet forms) are the richest sources of iron. Folic acid is also found in these.

    Hair is an indicator of blood quality and is known to be the extension of the blood and therefore is influenced by the health of the spleen-pancreas and kidneys. Have you ever had any problems with these organs? Your hair loss and the premature gray hair that you are seeing should be able to be treated by improving blood quality and strengthening the spleen-pancreas and kidneys. Is your diet high in salt? This is considered to 'damage' the blood and will put immense stress on your kidneys. Try to reduce saturated fat intake including red meat and dairy products and start increasing your intake of nuts/seeds and the above foods that will help fortify your blood with nutrients.

    Also are you quite stressed/worried about anything in your life? This may also affect your hair loss as in 'chinese medicine' it is considered to be detrimental to the spleen-pancreas.

    I hope i have been able to help you in some way! If you have any more questions, dont be afraid to ask!

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    Re: Iron or protein deficiency cause hair loss??

    My hair loss started way before I was pregnant but it wasn't this bad. My baby boy is now five months old
    Wow! Did this bring back some memories.
    I had the same problem. I started losing my hair while pregnant and then after having the baby it got worse. And after the baby was born I lost even more! My husband couldn't believe the hair in the wastebasket! I had 5 kids under the age of 5 so my hormones really tore me up. It wasn't a vitamin defiency, it was hormones. They finally straightened themselves out (and yes I was iron defiencient too) eventually. And now, at the age of 49 I have a beautiful head of hair my 19 yr. old daughter envies. I usually keep it in a pony-tail from wake-up till bedtime and when I let it down for "going out" I hear nothing but compliments.
    Hair loss (hormone-related) will end. And it may take a long time, but be patient. Try not to fuss so much about it. Keep it in a pony tail and quit doing things to it that it don't like (blow dryers,etc) and only wash and condition it every 2 days. See if that helps.

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    Re: Iron or protein deficiency cause hair loss??

    This is ALH, I just changed my user name to alh226... it's a long story.

    Anyway, I wanted to tell the two of you that your insight was very helpful, and it made me feel a whole lot better about my problem. Mostly, I was scared that I had some serious medical problem that would lead to baldness. You've certainly calmed my fears about that. I just wanted to say thanks to the both of you.

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    Re: Iron or protein deficiency cause hair loss??

    Hello everyone,
    I, too, am having a great deal of hair loss. I counted the hairs that had fallen out while I brushed my hair a few minutes ago. 144. I am really upset. Yesterday, a huge clump fell out in the shower and after the shower my brush was loaded, a bunch of times. The bathroom floor often resembles that of a barber shop! I am not thrilled. I am 36 years old and this has been going on for at least 6 months and it is getting worse. My hair always seems to fall out, been that way for years, but not like this! I thought maybe it is because my hair is longer now, but I don't think 144 hairs from a hair brushing is normal.
    I take a multi-vitamin and I started taking a half of an iron tablet a day as of Sunday.
    I use Paul Mitchell shampoo and conditioner.
    I really hope this problem goes away. I have always had very thick hair and a lot of it. I notice that my ponytail is getting thinner. UGH!

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    Re: Iron or protein deficiency cause hair loss??

    I was a healthy 16 year old when I thought that I was going bald. I had kids picking hair off my back all day long. I would count the hair that fell out of my head, and it could get up to 250...I was scared out of my mind. I swore that my pony tail was getting smaller fast! Before this happened my hair was silky and I always got compliments on it. My hair problem, went away on its own...after I forgot about it, which was like 6 months later. The only thing that I noticed different about my hair after was that It wasnt as pretty as it had been. I think that it was just a transitional phase. I also used paul mitchel at the time. I tryed to take some vitamin e capsuls and soon after that I dont remember freaking out about my hair again.

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    Re: Iron or protein deficiency cause hair loss??

    Dear All

    Hairloss can be caused by an underactive thyroid. Underactive thyroid is not uncommon in women during or right after pregnancy. Be worth getting checked out.

    best wishes

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    Smile Re: Iron or protein deficiency cause hair loss??

    Hello everyone. Most common cause for hair loss & color loss is lack of nutrition & circulation. We asked because my hubby had really pretty silvery hair. I walked behing his chair & the sun was shining. I noticed his hair had a lot of brown in it. The naturopath told us that the key to healthy hair was a good combination of nutrients & circulation. Have to have both. A prenatal vitamin is good usually because you don't have to take a lot of different pills. Exercise is good to get good blood circulation, plus massaging your scalp with your fingertips. Not the nails justhe fingertips. The naturopath said he had a male patient that had been mostly bald for 20 years. When the patient returned in 3 months, he had new hair & his blond color. Seems a regular regimen will work for women as well if there is no other problem. The prenatal vitamin is good for nails too. My hubby didn't have hair loss & I wanted to get the silver back. It looked really good. Best of luck to you.

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    Re: Iron or protein deficiency cause hair loss??

    ALH226, are you by any chance taking birth control pills?

    I thought I was hypothyroid because I was having massive hair loss too. My hair is thick so no one but me could tell. It was a scary thing to see in the shower how much hair fell out.

    But once I stopped taking my birth control pill my hair loss nearly stopped and at times comes to a complete stand still. It's growing back in now. I'm still going to have my thyroid checked (my free T3 and T4) because there is a history of it in my family, but BC pills, inadaquate protein and iron deficiency can cause hair loss as well as thyroid problems.
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    Lisa H
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    Thumbs down Re: Iron or protein deficiency cause hair loss??

    Hi,Oh my god,thought this was just me!I have just turned 40 and have been losing my hair for around 3 months!Every time I brush,comb or just run my fingers through loads of strands come out.I have to sit with the bin next to me every morning when i style it!!!and as for shampooing!I hate washing my hair now.It has got really thin and sparse all around the hairline,the neck and a little on top.So Frightening!I went to the doctor and he did blood tests and i am anemic due to low iron...very low my count was 4 and is meant to be so much higher!Have been prescribed 2 iron tablets a day,but have been taking for 6 weeks and no improvement.Have been told by doctor to "Be Patient"but am so patient till i go bald?!sick of finding hair everywhere too.

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