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CaliGirl 09-02-2009 07:04 PM

Hair loss w/both hypo and hyper thyroid?
I have had low thyroid for 20+ years and have taken various doses of Synthroid with no problem. About 1.5 years ago, my hair started falling out and I was always cold. Then my doctor increased my Synthroid and all seemed well for about 4-5 months. Then it started falling out again and she told me that I am now borderline hyperthyroid and to cut my dose slightly. Anyone else with similar problems? If so, how did you resolve them? Thanks, Lisa.

younggirl45 10-26-2009 01:05 PM

Re: Hair loss w/both hypo and hyper thyroid?
i have recently been diagnosed hyperthyroid. i was suffering bad mood swings, muscle cramps, tiredness , inability to sleep and my hair was falling out. my tsh was really low and my endicronlogist has put me on 40mg of carbamozole a day. my hair is falling out bad style and it has been reccomended that i use horse mane and tail shampoo which is good for human hair and improves hair growth and condition of horses manes and hair. you can purchase it on ebay . there is also a website called "fairytale horses" which explains how this product works re hair growth. i have ordered mine on ebay now and will write to you when i have received the products and tell you whether it was useful or not.

javelina 10-26-2009 01:39 PM

Re: Hair loss w/both hypo and hyper thyroid?
Caligirl, do you have any recent labs to show where your levels are? Yes hair loss happens with both hypo and hyper as well as with adrenal fatigue but without knowing your labs and current symptoms its hard to tell which is at play. Another common reason for hair loss with thyroid disease is low ferritin. Have you had these levels checked?

Audrey-B 10-26-2009 08:31 PM

Re: Hair loss w/both hypo and hyper thyroid?
I agree with javelina, it can be your thyroid, ardrenals and lack of ferritin, Vitamin D which can contribute to abnormal hair shedding. Even other hormone imbalances can contribute. Thyroid issues do affect stomach/digestion and this can lead to malabsorption of nutrients and you can have hair shedding due to nutrient deficiency too. In my case i wasn't digesting protein correctly due to insufficient digestive enzymes from my pancreas. I did wonder what on earth the pancreas had to do with thyroid issues, then found out the pancreas is part of the endocrine system.

younggirl45 - the horse mane/tail shampoo you mentioned, does it contain 'Rhodanide'? As this is an ingredient discovered 50 or so years ago 'apparently' which occurs naturally in human and animal hair but many factors can dimish naturally occuring Rhodanide. They have used this on animals to make their fur/wool/hair etc look thicker, brighter, shinier and it's 'supposed' to induce new hair growth too and stop hair falling out.

My previous doctor who is a Trichologist and diagnosed my Hashimoto's, recently sold me a bottle of this to try. I've looked all over the net to find real people's testimonials, but cant find a single thing, only testimonials which people selling this product are giving.

I've been using this for a couple of weeks and it does make my hair appear fuller. It's not as oily the next day either. I don't know whether it's my imagination, but i'm not losing as much hair as i was a few weeks back. Even the hair i was losing a few weeks ago wasn't all that scary, but once we get to January my hair will shed in scary amounts all the way through to about July. I have a weird shedding pattern as it stops shedding for a couple of months during the coldest part of winter and then sheds a bit more during spring and early summer, then when we hit mid summer it goes crazy up till winter. it's like my growing, shedding, resting phases are totally out of whack.

I do have adrenal problems and hypo with Hashi's, was anemic at one point and had very low Vit D levels. I'm being treated for everything and my doctor did mention that hair is often the first indicator of something wrong internally and the last thing to recover.

I'm not on any T4 med as my T4 is fine, just on a natural T3 med and while balancing everything out my doctor has checked my levels every 6 weeks. So as far as i can see everything possible is being done regarding my hair so maybe it's just one of those things which takes time to settle.

This is why when you mentioned the horse hair product i was curious.

CaliGirl 11-03-2009 06:33 PM

Re: Hair loss w/both hypo and hyper thyroid?
Thanks to all who responded. I did just get labs back. My TSH was a bit low (indicating too much synthroid) but my free t4 was normal. I have never had my ferritan checked but my vit D level was deficient. Interesting that you brought up the issues with digestion. I am a Type I diabetic and have gastroparesis (delayed gastric emptying) due to this. This can also cause nutritional deficiencies. I am still loosing hair, however, I have found some improvement with two things:

1) Taking vitamins. A multivitamin with iron, a B vitamin complex, Vitamin D3 and something called essential minerals + Calcium.

2) Use of Phyto hair products, the line for thinning hair and hair loss. I use the Revitilizing shampoo and the serum in the little separate bottles. Super products but very costly. the above cost $75.

javelina 11-04-2009 07:58 AM

Re: Hair loss w/both hypo and hyper thyroid?
Low TSH does not necessarily indicate too much thyroxine. Good repacement therapy will often drop TSH into the basement and when doctors try to treat based on TSH levels we often stay hypo forever. What were your free T4 levels and did you ever have a free T3 done? I suspect you are still hypo and could be suffering from adrenal fatigue. Many start to have AF after years of T4-only treatment because our bodies get stressed by having to convert all of the T3 we need. I would explore testing your adrenals with a saliva cortisol test and look into switching over to natural desiccated thyroid hormones or adding some T3 to your hormones.

CaliGirl 11-04-2009 05:51 PM

Re: Hair loss w/both hypo and hyper thyroid?
Thanks javalina. I had no idea of any of this. I have just been taking my Synthroid for 20+ years and assumed that it was all there was to do. This is now a whole new world to me. I am picking up a copy of my labs on Friday so I have the actual numbers.

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