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Ken93 01-14-2013 08:23 AM

Beggig for help
Hi everyone,
Im 19 yrs old and i think im having hair fall problem. Seriously need help!
My hair is thinnner than last time, although it is still nt that serious till bald.
Last time it is hard to see my scalp but now my scalp is easier to be seen.
This problem starts around 2 weeks ago.
Everytime i wash my hair i will fall more than 100 hair.
The hair is fall from my scalp and not breaking hair. The lenght of my hair is quite strong. It does nt easily be break.
And so i think i have scalp problem?
I dont think i have stress and diet problem because my lifestyle havent change so far.
I have been stop using hairdryer. Im afriad of washing my hair now.

I had bought loreal paris anti hairfall x3 conditioner , hair mask and tonic. And i use it for around 1 week and see no result. Is it a good brand or its just crap?

Need help :(
And sorry for my bad english.

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