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Dark Stranger 11-05-2005 02:59 AM

Will my original hair color ever return?
Here's my story: I dyed my hair for the first time today, and I had to bleach it first. The dye I used was from the makers Manic Panic, which I know is an herbal dye that does not harm the hair. It's semi-permenant and I know it'll wash out eventually. But my question is this: Will my original hair color EVER return naturally? For example, if I don't color or bleach my hair at all once my current color fades out, will my natural hair color grow back on its own? Or would I need to use a permenant dye of my natural hair color to restore it?

I'm not tremendously concerned about my old hair color coming back because I like the way my hair looks bleached, but I do not plan on doing anymore bleaching after this because I know it's bad for my hair. I'm simply wondering if my normal hair color will come back as I grow new hair over time (don't mean the roots, but like all or most of my hair).

quincy 11-05-2005 01:54 PM

Re: Will my original hair color ever return?
You'll have to wait for it to grow out....plain and simple.

Or, maybe you might have fun with colours while it's growing out...such as the foam in colours (semipermanent), I believe, from L'Oreal available at any store.

Bleaching removes colour, and if you want to have your colour eventually back to your own, you'll need to fill in what's missing which you can do over a period of time while having fun with colour.

What is your natural colour?


hillaryb 11-05-2005 02:32 PM

Re: Will my original hair color ever return?
When you bleach it you are removing the natural pigment. It will not return to it's natural color. It will grow out but the bleached hair will remain bleached until you cut it all off. Bleach is permanent. You can dye over bleached hair, but once the dye fades, you will have the bleached hair again.

Dark Stranger 11-05-2005 10:58 PM

Re: Will my original hair color ever return?
Wait I'm confused of you has said my natural hair color will return if I leave my hair alone for a while, and another is saying my natural color will never come back. I don't understand how bleach is permenant, though...a person doesn't keep their same hair forever - it falls out strand by strand as new hairs grow, and if the roots regain natural color, how can the rest of the hair stay bleached if new hair grows in? I find it hard to believe that my natural color will not come back over time.

And to answer your question, nautral hair color is dark blonde. Once the current dye fades out, I plan on doing it the college way and dyeing with Kool-Aid XD.

Thanks for your advice, both of you...even though I don't know which to believe because I got different answers, I'm still grateful.

quincy 11-06-2005 01:24 AM

Re: Will my original hair color ever return?
Hi...both of us are correct, we just answered in different perspectives.

Permanent means once the hair colour is changed chemically, removing the colour stays that way the natural colour that has been removed will never return. Colour can be put back into the already bleached hair, but it won't be "natural" is altered.

We're talking above the obviously know that hair below the scalp isn't affected by the colour process. Neither of us said that.

Have fun with colour.


hillaryb 11-06-2005 10:37 AM

Re: Will my original hair color ever return?
Lol exactly quincy. I personally would do some research into how haircolor works so that you can be informed when you color. There is a science to it all, and it will help you acheive the result you want if you learn a bit about what bleach does, what the REAL difference is b/w permanent, semi, and demi-permanent colors, and how this will affect your natural hair type/color.

The main point both of us presented before was that processed hair is that way until it is all grown out and cut away. Whatever grows in after the processing is "virgin" hair, and is untouched by chemicals. It usually takes several years to grow your hair to a point where it is all "virgin" hair.

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