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Zansage 08-06-2007 11:02 AM

Sequence Hair Buyer Beware
I live in the NY Metro area and there have been commercials regarding a method of applying hair called Sequencing. In the commercial the owner shows you a thin nearly invisible strand of string with hair attached to it and states that this hair is then attached to your hair and in virtually undectable. He also states that you can have a part in your hair if so desired. Untrue. Here is the real deal on the Sequence hair system. First the cost is between $1,800-$3,800. The $1,800 is for just hair on the top of your head, the $3,800 is for a full head of hair. The process is done in India where they first measure your head and then make a net like structure and attach individual strands of hair to the net. This takes about 8 weeks for them to get the hair back. Then they attach the net to your hair (they didn't even bother to wash my hair before they attached it) Your hair is then pulled through the net to blend with the new hair. However, you are then told that you have to pull your hair through the net every two days. You have to go back every month to get it retightened (cost $70.00) and every 3 to 4 months for them to take it completely off and condition the new hair and do your hair (dye or relaxer) the cost for the "complete" is $200.00. The majority of the women who walk into Sequence hair salon have the exact same hair style. It looks like a wig was sewn to their heads.

I would only suggest Sequence hair if you have a serious hair thinning problem that is a result of medications, hormone imbalance, or genetic alopecia. Otherwise save your money and buy a good wig or go to a good weaveologist.

Though the hair lasts 3-4 years I am very disappointed and the only reason I have it is because I have all the above hair thinning issues. If you have hair thinning problems save your money and find a good dermatologists that can give you a hair transplant.

Don't make the same mistake I did. Please if you know someone who is considering Sequence Hair have them seriously reconsider, it's not worth the price!

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