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Schupper 01-23-2011 02:18 PM

A shampoo can't really "nourish" the hair, can it?

My question is about whether shampoo can really "nourish" one's hair.

I know that shampoos, conditioners, oils ....etc can make our hair better, shinier, smoother. But they work on the exterior part of the hair + the scalp.

[B]So, can a shampoo or an oil really get inside the scalp to the "root/bulb" of the hair and nourish it?[/B]

Common sense tells me "no". Someone might get hurt if those chemicals really get inside! The bulb of the hair has blood veins and stuff like that I guess.

I always say this when someone claims that this shampoo or oil gets inside and nourishes the hair, or help it grow faster. I remeber seeing an adv that shows an animation where their shampoo gets to the bulb and make it healthy and happy!

So, am I right or wrong?

biggigg 01-24-2011 01:34 AM

Re: A shampoo can't really "nourish" the hair, can it?
i guess you burst the adveriting bubble...though i am not expert but whatever i know from my personal expriance ..things like that dont exist....and a chemical to help out in that case..i doubt...

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