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Ninzi 01-15-2012 02:49 PM

thinning hair
Hi all...
Im 26 and have very fine thin hair which is getting worse :(
my mum and some of her sisters would have fine thin hair.. so its genetic :(
Any tips on how i can stop it getting any worse?? I hate my hair... so hard to do anything with it and have to wear a side fringe to cover up a really fine hair line... dont like that my scalp is so easily seen.
thanks a mill guys

Sachimi 01-15-2012 10:11 PM

Re: thinning hair
Non-surgical things you can do - layered haircut, medium hair colour ( dark makes your scalp stand out, light makes it all look the same colour ), extensions or a weave ( it will add more hair, making it more full ). These things do cost a bit of money with getting them and upkeep, but if you have the money then go for it. Ask the stylist what styles will flatter your hair and not make it look thin.

Other than that, you should have a healthy diet and take all the vitamins and minerals you should be taking, and take care of your hair otherwise. Don't overdo any styling or products, don't excessively brush your hair either. If you can, use sulfate-free shampoos and conditioners, and don't wash your hair every day.

I have thin hair myself, and washing it every day tends to dry it out - leading to breakage and an overall 'thin' look. I'm also a natural blonde, and it looks best when I have it a medium colour ( red, brown, blonde.. doesn't matter ) instead of the natural shade. Find a good colourist, they should be able to tell you what colours will help hide the thin spots better and flatter your skin tone.

My dad was going bald by the time he was the age I am now, and I definitely have his hair. I just let it do what it wants, and it covers up my own thin parts. New haircuts, styles, etc are all fun and can help you forget about the thin spots and focus on how good you look all over. I tend to let my hair go natural unless I'm going out somewhere, which is the best you can do overall. Less time with a flatiron and dryer really does help a lot. Also make sure that if you let it stay natural, don't put it up in a tight style of any kind, as it can pull on your hair and lead to more breakage.

I don't have a lot of suggestions on surgical procedures if that's the route you wish to take.

Ninzi 01-16-2012 01:58 AM

Re: thinning hair
Thanks so much..
Iv chsnged my hair style a few times to hide what i can! medium colour is definetly good, it helps a lot. I woulnt be interestefmd in surgery at all.. just thought there may have been magical tip that i didnt know about!!!! Thanks a million for your advice,your very good. :)

markgrant147 04-14-2012 12:04 AM

Re: thinning hair
Thinning hair can be incredibly stressful and lead to much anxiety and adversely affect confidence and self esteem.Its very difficult to work with it

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