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happy1077 10-31-2012 02:19 PM

burning and itchy scalp. cured!!
hi! I just wanted to share scalp burning & itchy & hair shed experience
if it can help other person.
first. sorry my bad English.
I've had big hair loss and burning & itchy ( around top of head and bang area,
itchy and oily nape area) since end of 2009.
my scalp is burning and hot to touch, it was pain if I touch and move the hair.
same time I am start to having mild pain all over my body.
so I thought that I have some autoimmune disease cause hair loss.

1. I went to see 2 good dermatologist and they told me that there is nothing wrong with my scalp.
2. I went to see Endo to check my Thyroid ( checked all thyroid blood test )
the # came back in normal range

3. I went to see OBGYN to check all hormone .# came back in all normal range.

4. went to see family Dr to ask to check all other blood test include iron binding and ferritin. all came back in normal.
( as I read somewhere Ferritin is important to hair growth )

5. saw nerve specialist . Dr told me that he doesn't think I have
nerve problem .

6. saw orthopedic to check If the scalp pain from neck or spiral.
had X ray . my bone is nothing wrong.

also I did try ton of supplement which good for hair
like biotin L-cysteine. Ginko. magunecium. vitamin B2. B12. B6 etc
I took med which pain killer and muscle relaxer too.

none of worked and my hair shedding LOT daily.
my pony tail potion getting really thin.

at this moment I am getting depressed because I thoungt I would going to be bald. took med for it.

also I had tried ton of hair care.drug store brand to salon product's
also nizoral and head and shoulder , clean and clear, baby shampoo
( I don't use styling product's)
I wash hair everyday because itchy and oily.

past 2 years I might spend maybe more than 10K to find out to cure to
my scalp pain and hair loss.
however , one day my Friend did ask me to send my scalp pic to her.
so I did, she told me that my scalp is little bit red ,just little.
she told me my probrem is dry scalp .do oil treatment. I told her that I did try
Olive oil , apricot oil. caster oil. coconut oil, many oil treatment from hair care brand ALL MADE MY SCALP MORE ITCHY.
also I thought I have seborrheic dermatitis ( as I have it on my face until 30'.) on my scalp .
thought oil is not good for my scalp, I have oily scalp NOT DRY.
( as my scalp get really oily 5hour after shampoo)
make long story short.
she told me that try more until you can find oil which my scalp don't react.
I thought she doesn't understand anything .....
after while. other friend gave me a oil treatment for dry scalp and hair
because she bought it but it didn't match with her scalp.

one day I did try it because the day my scalp is really burning and hot and
pain and itchy so I thought it's good time to try it to see how my scalp react .

wow!!!! after applied oil 20min. all burning feel is gone. no more pain!!
I was so surprised .and now I have lot of new hair growing.
I did change all shampoo and conditioner for dry scalp and dry hair.
diluted shampoo. I was avoiding apply conditioner on scalp but now I apply
all over ( but rince well )
use pre oil ( for sensitive scalp ) before shampoo once a week.

hope my experiance help someone having burning scalp and loosing hair.
thank you for reading long post.

Chinaski 11-02-2012 04:28 AM

Re: burning and itchy scalp. cured!!
I have the exact same thing! I've gone to the best dermatologists in the country, 'i've tried coconut, lavender, and tea trea oil, and nothing worked. The top of my scalp is burning slightly all the time and my hair is thinning - it's driving me insane. Can you please tell me which oil helped you, I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks for the post.

happy1077 11-02-2012 01:06 PM

Re: burning and itchy scalp. cured!!
Hi! Chinaski.
what I am using is Philip B Rejuvenating Oil .
I use this oil on top of scalp when I go bed. sleep with it and
wash it next morning. I can move my hair without pain!! I can touch my scalp
with out pain!! no more hot feeling all day.
( by the way one Dr told me that my scalp burning and pain is from Hot flash
as primenopause.gave me BC pill which I didn't take it)

also Rene Furterer Astera Soothing Fluid before shampoo if my scalp
is pain before shampoo.( I don't use it much any more)
I think my scalp likes mixed oil ,not pure 100% heavy oil
because I don't get an react with PB oil but I get react ( itchy ) with many
pure oil or individual essensial oil .

also I would recommend you to try shampoo and conditioner as much as you can until you find something match with your scalp.
I did try ton of shampoo and conditioner with silicone and non silicon
organic shampoo.
also my scalp get more pain if I use shampoo which
clean out oil well like nizoral then my scalp produse more oil.
in this case my scalp got more pain to the end. it was no end of cycle.
( I did try RX shampoo for seborrheic dermatitis. it's makes my sclp itchy
for while but makes scalp really pain.also I did try RX capex shampoo
which has corticosteroid. also I got clobetasol lotion but it didn't work at all )

my scalp react with organic shampoo scalp is OK usual with color protect shampoo like Joico color therapy.
now I am using pureology Nanoworks shampoo and Joico color therapy
conditioner.( I do rince my hair well, more than 3min)

Key is find oil or any tonic math with your scalp
and shampoo and conditoner.

good luck!

happy1077 11-02-2012 01:18 PM

Re: burning and itchy scalp. cured!!
I forgot to write that I never have flaky scalp.
my scalp looks normal even when my scalp pain and ithcy.

Chinaski 11-02-2012 05:08 PM

Re: burning and itchy scalp. cured!!
Your symptoms seem exactly like mine - my scalp is extremely oily, and there is no flakes and such, just burning and occasional itching. But it is also true that I am a man, therefore it can't be related to primenopause ;)

Can I ask you, what do you mix this "Philip B Rejuvenating Oil" with? Some other oils perhaps, or what?

I also tried nizoral and tar shampoos for seborrheic dermatitis, and even corticosteroids, but nothing helped, my hair is just thinning constantly where the burning is. I will give this oil test a try, you've given me some hope!

happy1077 11-02-2012 05:37 PM

Re: burning and itchy scalp. cured!!
I just use the oil on before go bed. that's is .
( or I apply tiny 1 drop whenever my scalp start to burning and itchy area)

I am not Dr .so I can't diagnosis or not sure if this oil works for you.
but in my case. it's works wonder ;)
as I mentioned it before I did try Nizoral or etoconazole 1% and 2 % & ciclopirox shampoo( used 3 bottle)
and T-gel also shampoo contain salycilic acid , anything supposed to good to
oily itchy scalp dandruff ( I never have dandruff )
my scalp was pain like burning/ feel hot to touch/ pain is like when you touch
bruse .you know the feeling?
pain when I move my hair by finger ,feel like hair follicle or scalp pain.
cold weather time was more pain. ( windy day too)
I end up all over my body got pain because my body got tense
evey time my scalp start pain. as too much worry to lose hair and
deppressed to think that oh...the pain is starting again....
then I start to serch all over internet to try to find out why??
try to find out to any good Dr etc. my past 3 years is traped with problem.
I wish I did try the oil when I got it from my freinds.
as I was avoiding to use any oil as I though oil might be more aggravate
my oily scalp .
by the way. my scalp tend to oily if I skip shampoo for 1 day.
I can see my finger get oil after I touch my scalp and see the fingers.
also smell scalp oil.eww!
so I have to wash my hair every day.
I think end up I got dehydration with much oily scalp.

Chinaski 11-03-2012 01:03 PM

Re: burning and itchy scalp. cured!!
Thank you for all your help, I will try this regime immediately, as your "symptoms" are very similar to mine. Although it is true that a lot of scalp issues can have similar signs.

Just one more thing - did stress worsen your condition? My burning sensation often gets a little better but then I start thinking and worrying about it and the top of my scalp is burning like crazy in an instant! Did that happen to you as well?
Other than that, my scalp is also extremely oily - it gets greasy in a day, and then it burns when my hair start to dry. Weird. Doctors don't have a clue.

happy1077 11-03-2012 02:59 PM

Re: burning and itchy scalp. cured!!
Hi! Chinaski
yes. my scalp tend to more burning sensation when I start to think it.
right way the pain start . then automaticaly I start to worry more and
desapointed and deppressed .
for long time I thought it's caused by seborrheic stress is triger .
I try to not to think about it but couldn't help it .because I was so scared to lose hair.wonder that am I AGA? even thought all dermatologist told me that I don't have AGA & no infection on my scalp is looks normal but sometime just little reddish.
however my temple getting thinner since this pain start.
also lot of hair shed from the temple.
same as you ,my scalp is extremely oily then become dry ( my hair is dry too)
( I can see oil on my finger if touch my scalp by finger however my hair is so dry
)then I feel like that my scalp skin is harden when I have the pain.
it's might cause from tense.
I have apo with new dermatologist future soon ( very famous Drematologist. ) so I am going to ask how come the oil works suchh wonder.

I also like rene furterer oil. they have for oily scalp and irritated scalp.
( recommend you to buy any product's somehwhere you can return if your scalp don't like it. there is lot company has good return policy )
I think to find product what match with scalp is very diffuclut thing for
all sensitive scalp people and plobrem scalp people.
good luck!

Chinaski 11-03-2012 09:06 PM

Re: burning and itchy scalp. cured!!
Did your hair regrow at all after this treatment, or do you still have a thinning temple?

happy1077 11-03-2012 11:19 PM

Re: burning and itchy scalp. cured!!
my hair getting re-grow ;-) esp temple also my bangs got same as beofre.
nape area is still shorter than other hair.
however I still feel scary to lose them again.hope not.

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