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pppyyy 07-30-2015 06:14 AM

Consistent tension headaches for 7 months
I'm 22 and have been experiencing what I believe to be tension headaches for just over 7 months now. I've never written a thread before but the doctors are so useless and unsympathetic that I thought I'd try seek some help online and pitch my issues to see if anyone else is have the same experiences as myself!

I've thought about what may be the underlying issues, I am young, and like most find myself stressing about life, relationships, work/careers etc but not to the extent where i would be having chronic headaches everyday. I'm not an unhappy person, sometimes it's hard to tell now as the headaches have become almost integrated into my life, but I'm very irritable most of the time (which I'm pretty good at keeping underwraps but it's difficult!). I have a good social life, family life, i'm a musician so find peace in my music, and generally consider myself a healthy person especially with my eating habits!

What I've noticed since last July (around a year ago or a bit more) was a feeling of disorientation, some days are worse or better than others where I feel like I'm in a dream world? It's not dizziness, it's a sense of confusion, I found it hard to concentrate at work/focus even on conversations with a friend, and sometimes I feel off balance. I feel lost even in the most familiar places and can;t comprehend my surroundings properly.. I've left it so long now that I can't remember how it felt to feel normal, I kinda just get on with life. I don't let it stop me from doing what I'd usually be doing but it definitely makes everything harder.

I try to explain to the doctors about this disorientation but they look at me like I'm crazy? Does anyone else have this problem? I've come to the point where I realised I can't live with disorientation and daily headaches for the rest of my life and I'm hoping someone can help me from a different perspective..

To treat my headaches, at first I tried normal paracetamol and ibuprofen but neither even scratches the pain. Eventually I found Solpadeine which is a mix between ibuprofen and coedine, this is the only medication which helps, but obviously you can only take it for no more than 3 days in a row. I try to only take the tablets when I have work (otherwise it's unbareable working in a bar and doing music with a chronic headache) and for when my headache is unbareable. I tried the one with paracetamol and coedine but it was no where near as effective. Not sure if this accounts for something as ibuprofen is usually used to treat inflammations? I'm not sure but I can't keep taking these tablets on and off too as I know they can be addictive. I don't take them enough for them to be the route of the issue though.

I've had an MRI scan, everything is fine. I've been referred to the neaurologist but I am yet to see them, my neck has been sore for a while so I suspected it could be something to do with the nerves around an area to the back of my head? I just feel clueless and I'm sick of moaning to everyone about it, the headaches have only gotten more severe recently too. I also feel constantly drained and find I need to nap in the afternoons, I'm like an old woman!

If someone could share with me any form of advice I would be eternally grateful as I just want to feel normal again!

ladybud 07-30-2015 08:36 AM

Re: Consistent tension headaches for 7 months
The cause of tension headaches is muscular tension/spasm in the back of neck. Once it starts, it can be hard to stop. I would ask the neurologist about trying a muscle relaxant, one that is not sedating so you can take it and still work. Heat to the back of neck can help as well as massage of the neck and scalp muscles. Stretching exercises to loosen the neck and upper back muscles can help too. The muscle relaxants work well in conjunction with Ibuprofen, and both are better than one or the other alone. I hope you get some relief!

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