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ACRE 07-14-2004 04:19 AM

temperature headaches any ideas??
For most of the year I have no sign of headaches but as soon as winter comes I experience the most unbelievable headaches and pain behind the eye which can reach vomiting situation very quickly if not controlled. They are like the pain behind the eyes caused by eating ice or drinking freezing water or extreme exertion in boiling hot conditions whilst dehydrated. It is easy to consider the ultimate cure when they attack as they are violently debilitating. I first got them at 15 (now 55) but it took me 20 years to eventually find that they are caused by the cold weather. Strangely very occasionally some years I get by without the attacks but it is rare. I have had brain scans (there is one), sinuses opened up, eye tests and medication for migraine - no effect whatsoever. Blood pressure tablets for under tongue - no effect, sedatives and any medication has been useless so far. I gave up going to medicos years ago unless I need an injection when I reach desperation (sometimes works if pain not to severe). During headaches pulse drops to around 56 and BP goes from 135/85 to 200/120 possibly from the stress.
It appears I am allergic to cold and suffer with freezing/stinging hands and feet and a feeling of being very unwell at any temperature under 20C or 65F. However when I start getting the headaches in winter things change and I cannot snuggle up under the blankets as getting warm in bed brings on immediate headache and the only way to control it to some extent is to keep the feet and body cool and take aspirin immediately. Ache usually comes behind the right eye but can sometimes affect the left eye and during the headache the eye goes bloodshot and tears flow and long vision impairs slightly - strangely enough the eye feels cold when blinking. Prior to the yearly start of headaches I can be warm without any side effects at all but as soon as they start everything changes. I cannot even sit in the sun or in front of a heater or in a warm car as that brings on the headaches immediately too. Absolutely love the sun and hot weather in summer.
The only way to get any relief is to induce sneezing (sometimes works) or by taking soluble aspirin with glass of coca cola (probably for the caffeine) and keep repeating about every hour till the headache goes. Taking two aspirin probably better but that causes overuse on daily basis. If I can rid the headache I have a throbing dull pain for rest of the day and total exhaustion till cold night temps return and the whole episode restarts.
I am certain temperature is causing the problem by somehow changing the arteries restriction etc and causing some sort of pressure, but wonder has anyone else experienced this stupid temperature inversion situation and also does anyone have any idea whether the blood flow would be being restricted or is it the opposite? Also any medication which has been of assistance would help. Surely medicine has improved in 40 years.
Also does the body try to regulate its temperature when the extremities get cold and maybe push up body core temperature causing the overheating problem maybe - because once headaches start I have to go to bed with only a sheet covering the body and hips down covered by blanket and feet temperature especially critical - if too hot I wake up violently ill.
Any intelligent opinions very greatfully appreciated - Thanks

Mz Migraine 07-26-2004 08:22 PM

Re: temperature headaches any ideas??
[QUOTE]Any intelligent opinions[/QUOTE]

You need to see a Neurologist that specializes in migraines/headaches.

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