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pressure in forehead!

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Old 10-18-2004, 06:17 PM   #1
Join Date: Jul 2004
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serpentgirl HB User
Unhappy pressure in forehead!


I'm posting here because last Wednesday I woke up ith this strange feeling of pressure in my forehead. For the most part, there's no pain. The feeling is like a band being stretched across from right under my eyebrows to a little above. I also awoke with a stuffy nose, clogged ears and I felt like I had the chills / hot flashes, so my assumption was that I had a little sinus infection. Well, I stayed in all weekend hoping to get rid of the thing and I feel better in some ways, but the pressure feeling is still there and my ears still feel like they've got mucus in them. The pressure feeling actually seems like it may have spread further up my forehead now, but I've been rubbing it so much I may have done that to myself. It is frustrating because it makes my eyes feel heavy. I always feel it, but it seems to be least bothersome when I first wake up in the morning. Today I saw an ENT and to my horror, he looked up my nose and said he didn't see any noticable inflammation! He ordered me a CT scan of the sinuses and head. He also gave me some Naseral and said to try that for 10 days in case a bit of congestion got stuck up there and is causing this. I'm quite frightened because I'm not familiar with anything that could be producing this effect other than a sinus infection or tumor! I've gone through a bunch of weird little health situations recently so I'm on my last nerve! I'm going to be a wreck until the results of my CT come back. If anyone has any ideas on what this could be (other than a tumor), please let me know!!! I was really hoping for a nice, simple sinus infection. Is it possible I could have a low grade infection he couldn't see off the bat?

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Old 10-19-2004, 08:39 AM   #2
julie g
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Join Date: Oct 2004
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julie g HB User
Re: pressure in forehead!

ihave these same symptoms too as well as diplopia and dizziness. do you feel like there is a pressure in your head? sometimes it feels like liquid/mucus and sometimes like air. take heart that it is not automatically a tumour if it is not a sinus problem. i have your symptons along with others and i too have been told i dont have an infection but both a ct and an mri scan have come back clear. so dont panic it may just be "one of those things" annoying though that is!

Old 10-19-2004, 04:27 PM   #3
Join Date: Jul 2004
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serpentgirl HB User
Re: pressure in forehead!

Thanks Julie,

I appreciate the reassurance! My CT Scan is scheduled for Friday evening.....My pressure feeling is more like muscle tension I think. I've noticed that when I use heat on it, the feeling will decrease for a bit. Plus when I massage my head I can feel certain spots that are more tender than others. I've been quite stressed out recently, plus I have TMJ so the muscles in my head / neck / back are often strained. Hopefully what I'm dealing with now is related to that. Who knows though....I've done a search and it seems that a lot of people who've posted here have experienced different pressures and pains in their heads and still showed a clear MRI / CT. I am still nervous, but trying to look at things objectively. Best of luck to you and I hope your pressure feeling goes away!


Old 10-20-2004, 11:14 PM   #4
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JPGuinness HB User
Re: pressure in forehead!

I started to read this thread and wasa suprised that Serpent Girl described a lot of my symptoms. But, Julie, after reading what you wrote, it was incredibly comforting; comforting to know that someone else has headaches w/ lots of dizziness and double vision. Have you made any progress diagnosing the problem? I've been to a crap ton of doctors in the DC area as well as John's Hopkins and no one can make anything of this. In fact, all I get is the run-around; go to a nuerologists and he sends you to an opthamologists for diplopia. But then the opthamologist doesn't understand why the diplopia is so variable and sends me back to a nuerologists. Then you add my recurrent chronic sinus problems into this mix of poop and everytihng just gets confusing as hell. I've had three sinus surgeries in the past yr and a half. All the while, I can correlate the stuffiness with my headaches and with my double vision. But, I can also have headaches/double vision while having no active sinus infection. So, basically, I don't know what causes what and I have no idea where to go next.

Julie, when you get the diplopia, how bad is it and how bad does it inhibit your eye function. In other words, do you have trouble tracking things/people moving across your field of vision? Does reading and driving become almost impossible? How about socializing. It's much harder to maintain eye contact with someone when you have jumbled-up double vision, right?

Julie, please let me know what your next step will be. I'm lost and getting really frustrated wth all these doctors.


Old 10-21-2004, 11:36 AM   #5
julie g
Junior Member
Join Date: Oct 2004
Posts: 22
julie g HB User
Re: pressure in forehead!

my problems are varied and all started at the same time.

sinus - as described before, feeling like there has to be some kind of infection but tests say different. i did initially have fluid on the ears and pharyngitis but they cleared a long time ago. my neuro (who is very good) cant explain this definatly but said that sometimes something in the throat (tonsil related) can cause these exact feelings. he said not much can be done but it should sort it self out (5 months and still waiting!)

neck - as well as my sinus my neck is making me dizzy. it twists taking my vision with it (at various speeds). this was worrying as it is a sympton of ms but my scans have come back clear. i am aware that neck problems can cause vision problems (i haven't yet found out in what way) so i am starting treatment with a chiropractor. if you are feeling stressed it can , as we all know, cause tense muscle pain. a chiro' among other things can give posture and sometimes diet advice in dealing with this.

eyes - my vision problems started with a distinct change inlight tint and a depth/distance change which turned out to be diplopia. this became so bad that i was being sick everyday due to the extreme distortion. this calmed down to a subtle more ignorable distortion but light is wrong and unreal. i can see that the light is on but it is like i am looking at things from another room through a window. as i get used to it i find i am starting to do things again but there is know way i could drive. i also experience a slow motion effect as i look around. this may be due to the sheer terror i have from this as nerve funtion tests are all normal.
Diplopia when not caused by a normal lazy eye problem can sometimes be a weak muscle that you have always had but until now your body has been able to pull it together. sometimes it can be evidence of a neurological, maybe optic neuritis, but dont panic i have all the symptoms but not the illness. with optic neuritis there will be other symptoms such as dimness and a central blurring with virtually obliterates the vision in that eye for usually a few weeks. an opthamologist should be able spot signs of this.
my neuro is 99% certain that my diplopia is symtomatic rather than an issue in its own right. he thinks it is migrainous. not a usual migraine which lasts a short time but one that gives me seemingly permanent aura.
diplopia is probably the cause the tingly pain i am feeling across my forehead.
i also have blepharitis and dry eye .

it seems to me that, unfortunatly, we have to be pro-active in health care as most gps ang opticians just dont have the variety of knowledge and equipment to deal with these types of problems. everyone deals with their area of expertise and just stare blankly when you mention something they dont understand.
in sheer desparation i am trying a holisitic healer specialising in kinesiology. she says that she has great results with people the doctors have had trouble diagnosing. i was initially sceptical (it is very wierd) but have since discovered three family friends who have tried this with, indeed, great results.
also hypnosis is effective with any stress componenet to our problems ( i am currently considering this)

keep me posted on your diagnosis and i will let know if i discover anything else.


Old 10-27-2004, 06:42 PM   #6
Join Date: Jul 2004
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serpentgirl HB User
Re: pressure in forehead!

Hi again,

Thanks for the replies and best of luck to both of you. I just got the results of my CT Scan. I have a mild thickening of the sinuses. From what I gather, this can be caused by a small infection or inflammation, so my initial self assesment was right. Hopefully that's what's causing my problem and it will go away soon!

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