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  • Electric Jolts in My Head

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    Old 10-27-2005, 08:30 PM   #1
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    Electric Jolts in My Head

    Hello All,

    I was wandering if someone had similar experiences or if you can help me understand what to do next.

    I have been having bad headaches since 2003 (they are getting worse every day) and I am not sure if I have migraines or something else.

    In the beginning I thought it was too much computer work (I look at a computer screen ~50hrs/wk) and that my inflamed sinuses might have to do something with it.

    A week ago I found out that my glasses prescription was wrong and doctor ordered me to remove glasses completely (this helped a bit). In august I had an MRI of brain and it came negative. I was also tested for a battery of inner ear diseases (I felt dizzy all the time) and that came back negative…

    Yet, I still have headaches (30% less than before) and four weeks ago I started to get this jolts that hit my head three to four times a day. The jolts feel like sudden surges of electricity that hit my head (on one side, sometimes left, sometimes right) with great intensity. The jolt lasts less than a second. They appear to hit me on a daily basis usually after 3PM. The jolt I felt last night was particularly nasty and it almost threw me off my computer chair. I also heard a strong buzzing sound in my right ear (the jolt hit the left side of my head) – the sound lasted for about 5 seconds.

    I am taking Claritin and Flonase (I take less than less than 0.5mg of Ativan / week for anxiety per need). In June 05, I had an episode of spinning vertigo (less than 10 seconds) and have been feeling dizzy ever since.

    I am scheduled to see a neurologist next week, but in the mean time I would greatly appreciate if some can shed some light on this.



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    Old 10-28-2005, 04:53 AM   #2
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    Re: Electric Jolts in My Head

    hi there,i know exactly what you mean.i spent years asking doctors and other people that i know if they have ever had electric shocks in their head.i think they all thought that i was mad.the only person who ever knew what i was talking about was my dad.he suffered from them too.
    i started to get them when i was a teenager.mine only happened usually when i was just about asleep.i would get a terrible electric charge in what felt like the middle of my happened often and it happened for years.
    i am now in my mid thirties and they slowed down about 6 years ago.after i stopped smoking i hardly ever got them.i do still get some small ones when i'm feeling anxious.these are usually on the right side of my head on top of my temple area.
    the good news is that it was finally diagnosed a few years ago.a local doctor knew my symptoms.he told me that lots of people get it.although it is painful and terrifying,it is is a nerve.i can;t remember the name of the nerve.i think it was trigmal or something like that.there are about 5different ones that run through the head.
    have you ever been nearly asleep and you actually hear a big bang in your head?like an explosion.its really scarry and it kind of goes buzzzzzz for a minute or two.
    have the electric shocks ever happened to you when you are going to sleep.just trytaking a couple panadols before sleeping.
    i cannot believe that someone else gets it.ithought me and my dad were the only ones.i know its scarry,but its nothing to worry yourself sick over.
    i also get lots of headaches.always have.i also get migraines about 3-5 times a year with the horrible moving patterns beforehand.these leave me sick and unable to do anything for about five hours.
    hope i have helped.when i think back,my shocks actually felt like a lightening bolt through my brain.very scarry.

    Old 10-28-2005, 04:58 AM   #3
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    Re: Electric Jolts in My Head

    hi again,i had an attack of vertigo last year that lasted 8 happened every time i turned my head to the right.i had every test you can imagine.all disappeared about 8 months later as quick as it came.

    also,my elelctric shocks in my head lasted no more than a second.maybe even half a second.the buzzing sound lasted a little longer.

    Old 10-28-2005, 09:21 AM   #4
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    Re: Electric Jolts in My Head

    I agree with the above poster -- it may be that you are experiencing trigeminal neuralgia. It is caused by your trigeminal nerve firing off and causing extremely painful electric shocks. There is a lot written on this ailment, it is fairly widespread and it is something you could ask your neurologist about. I am not a physician, but my impression is that if it is disruptive and extreme (as it sounds in your case it has become), physicians can give you meds that will lessen its severity.

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    Re: Electric Jolts in My Head

    some medicines cause odd side effects when you miss a dose. always take your medicine regularly and never miss a dose.
    also you could get your tonsils checked for infection because infected tonsils cause BAD headaches without any symptom of sore throat.

    The electrical sensation is a seizure which indicates it is caused by medicine.
    Other symptoms are not symptoms of epilepsy.

    Old 10-29-2005, 02:33 PM   #6
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    Re: Electric Jolts in My Head

    I have injury as a result of compter work. You need to cut back. Sitting is very hard on the spine and will only make worse whatever condition you have. Most people do not drink enough water. This is not going to fix you but might help some. Also get the best chair and workstation you can afford. I used to think my 21" Sony Monitor was all that, then I got a 19" NEC flat panel (almost the same size of screen) and it is so much easier on the eyes. The constant flicker of the CRT (even though you may refresh it fast enough to not see the flicker) is very hard on the eyes. The LCD is much easier to read. Try this test look at an object at a 45 degree angle to your screen. You're perhipheral vision will pick up the flicker... but not on a flat panel.

    Junk the stand the panel comes with and get an LCD Monitor Arm so you can position your screen right where you want it. As you get tired it is a sign you should get up and take a break, walk around and stretch.

    Human beings were NOT designed to sit in chairs in front of computers all day. I never thought that my PC would be my downfall, but it did. I used to work 60 to 70 hours a week minimum. I now limit computer use to about 6 hours a day.

    What most do not know is the spine starts degenerating around age 25. Each inch you move your head forward from it's ideal position on top of your shoulders doubles the pressure on your spine. The C6/7 C5/6 can herniate and buldge quite easily as the result of computer use.

    Get in and see the Neurologist. If that doesn't help (I've been to 3 now and the one I am seeing now is much better than the first two but still has not solved my problem) then move on to the ENT. I am supposed to see a Neuro-Otologist - And advanced ENT (basically an ENT with additional surgical training).

    I have chronic sinusitis as well - so far not luck curing that problem. The nasal steroids and antihistimines just made me dizzy. Be careful with the Ativan or any Benzodiazipines - they have nasty side effects and are difficult to get back off. I believe most would be better without these "minor tranqualizers".

    Unfortunately it does not appear that a diagnosis of your problem is going to come quick or easy. But keep looking. Keep a diary of symptoms - when they occur, what you were doing before they occur, how long they last, etc.

    And while some whould choose not to believe that food can play a role, there are foods that do trigger certain conditions.

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