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Worried1977 06-26-2006 09:42 AM

Stabbing Left Temple/eye Pain

ive been on and off this board trying to figure out what type of headaches im getting and so far no luck. Ive dealt with headaches/migraines since i was about 13. My mother and grandfather also had them and my mothers stopped when she reached menopause. I get them almost everyday..sometimes every OTHER day and then sometimes once a week. they used to be daily when i was on the BC pill. i stopped taking it thinking it was the initial cause. a month ago i started to get lightheaded not dizzy but a feeling of loss of balance but i do have some congestion..itchy eyes some type of allergy and ive never had allergys before til now. it almost never a headache feeling. i just get a sharp pain in my temple then into my eye. sometimes behind my ear and up my scalp and my neck so basically it feels like it starts in my neck like a pulled muscle. but mostly it starts out as a "brain freeze" feeling. My dr told me it seems like i have TMJ real bad on that left side. i went to ER for lightheadedness and since i had a history of headaches they did a ct scan to rule out tumor or aneurism they did all kinds of blood work and everything came back normal. ive also expirienced a "fizzy" feeling in head that only lasts about 2 seconds and thats when i feel a bit off balanced this happens when i look at patterened paper or a paper thats got a lot of stripes. my lightheadedness has gone away and then comes back for a short time when i look at something real fast. ER diagnosed me with something wrong with my inner ear. could the fizzy feeling be from that? i was sick back in march and have been still "kinda" congested since then. my concern is wanting to know what kind of headaches im dealing with here. most otc meds get rid of it if i catch it in time. and they go away when i fall asleep. only a couple times ive vomited from them. Now this morning i had to get up early didnt get much sleep and was running all around trying to get documents i needed to renew my drivers license and i ended up getting a headache. i took 2 tylenol 8 hours and the headache went away in about 5 minutes but i feel a bit of pressure like im wearing a hat or something. when i was pregnant i dont recall having any headaches at all after the first trimester and then when i had my daughter within a month they started to come back. any ideas on this? i was worried about unruptured aneurism or something but i would think after 15 years of these it would of ruptured or been big enough for ct scan to pick up. any info would be great

Mz Migraine 06-27-2006 11:28 AM

Re: Stabbing Left Temple/eye Pain
[QUOTE]My dr told me it seems like i have TMJ real bad on that left side.[/QUOTE]
Did you ever go to a TMJ specialist and/or dentist to get this confirmed?:confused:

Have you seen a Neurologist that specializes in headaches/migraines?

elle vee 06-27-2006 12:59 PM

Re: Stabbing Left Temple/eye Pain
Have you considered seeing a chiropractor? I've been seeing one since January of this year and my migraines have considerably become less frequent.

Worried1977 06-27-2006 05:33 PM

Re: Stabbing Left Temple/eye Pain
no ive never been referred to a neuro and i have no insurance for a chiro.

ive about had it though! i can not take this anymore

i still have some Topamax left im thinking about starting them again and just dealing with the side effects. i dont even care anymore. anything is better then this.

Biyak123 06-28-2006 11:33 AM

Re: Stabbing Left Temple/eye Pain

When I read your post I thought it could be me. The only thing you did not mention was sensitivity across the temples when I ear my glassses. I also have scalp sensitivity(combing hair).

I have seen every kind of Dr. and specialist there is except one who works with Allergies.I have had two temporal artyery Biopsies for temporal Arteritis. Both came back negative.

I am checking into TMJ. I am having a lower splint out in to move my lower jaw forward. Apparently my bite is really off. I go on the 11th of July to have it tried since it has just been made. Then it may take a few days for adjustments to be made.

I have tried every thing ...hopefully this is it.


Worried1977 06-29-2006 06:39 AM

Re: Stabbing Left Temple/eye Pain

i do have alot of sensitivity behind my ear and on my scalp above the ear. if i touch it lightly it hurts really bad but if i press really hard all the pain goes away but then when i release the pain comes right back. so normally when i have a bad one i lay on that side with my hand under there pressing and "sometimes" it kinda goes away to a dull ache. When i get these i cannot even move my head and if anyone touches it im screaming! sometimes if i touch my temple or bump it i get one right away. i was afraid i had a tumor in my temple but these headaches have been a problem for me for 15 years. and ive had 2 Ct Scans. i was told a ctscan cannot detect small tumors. but since ive had these for 15 years i would imagine by now the tumor would be well big enough to detect.

Worried1977 06-29-2006 06:42 AM

Re: Stabbing Left Temple/eye Pain
And i forgot to add. i KNOW theres something wrong with the left side of my jaw (left side is where i get migraines too) my dr said theres a bad popping and shifting. but i have never had this diagnosed by a dentist yet. im waiting on insurance. ive talked to people with TMJ and had them check mine and they couldnt believe how bad my left side is. when i open my mouth theres something that pops way atleast half an inch then it shifts and goes back in. when my mouth is opened i have to move it to the right to get it to close again.

sunshine123 06-30-2006 04:50 PM

Re: Stabbing Left Temple/eye Pain
I have TMJ and that's what it sounds like you guys have.

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