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pqguy 10-15-2006 12:23 PM

What made my headaches go away!
I'm new here, and hoping to help one person who suffers from headaches as I did. Started 3+ years ago with a headache that lasted a week...doc sent me for mri which showed only "extensive sinus inflamation". Two surgeries later, no sinus problems, still headaches, every day. One year ago I happened to hear of someone solving a headache problem by not eating wheat products, so I stopped devouring my daily enormous loaf of italian bread and within days, the headaches subsided!!! I immediately began to taper off the Topamax that a neurologist had previously prescribed, thinking I didn't need it any more. It was pretty good for a while, but my eating habits started slipping, and the headaches returned, especially after eating pasta, pizza, cake, pancakes, and donuts.....then I realized its not just bread, but GLUTEN!
I have carefully removed ALL gluten from my diet and the headaches are gone. Don't expect most doctors to know about this, as an alergist I saw and asked about it looked at me like I had two heads, since I had no classic allergy symptoms, and gluten intolerance is usually manifested as a digestive disorder. Internet info indicates that gluten sensitivity can cause a reaction with antibodies that result in inflamation in the central nervous system...a sure trigger for a headache! Hope this info may help would be a pretty wild guess that eating a sandwich could give you a headache!


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