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ItalyGirl 10-20-2006 07:06 AM

Pain, sudden facial numbness, burning - Any thoughts?
To start with, I have had a history of migraines, but have not had one in the past few years. Three weeks ago I had a sudden, extremely sharp pain in one tiny area deep inside my head above my right eye. It only lasted about 5 seconds, then suddenly there is a "popping" sensation and a sudden heat that radiated down the right side of my face (this felt like a water balloon popping inside my head and the liquid running down towards my chin - but on the inside!). Immediately the right side of my face went completely numb. The following day there was facial drooping as well and still no feeling in the right side of the face. I also had some drastic, but temporary, vision changes in one eye. I went to my PCP and she ordered an MRI which came back normal, except for moderate sinus disease which I had no clue of previously. She then sent me to a neurologist who ordered 2 MRAs, which also came back negative. The numbness continued for almost 3 weeks continuously, but has not lessened and is almost non-existent.

The neurologist said that he thought I had a somewhat rare type of migraine that does not necessarily have "headaches" as symptoms, but can cause facial paralysis and can even go as far as complete one-sided paralysis at times. As I said, I have had a history of migraines, but they were just that - headaches. They were so severe I'd have to put a black scarf over my eyes and sit in a dark, quiet room until they were gone, but they did not ever have any of these other symptoms.

Yesterday, while driving, I had the exact same sharp sudden pain in the left side of my head this time, followed by a slowly radiating tingling in the left side of my face and a sharp taste of metal in my mouth that lasted only a few seconds.

If anyone has ever heard of this other type of migraine with no "headache" or have any other ideas of what might cause those sudden "bursting" pains in my head - and that sudden metal taste - please tell me! I feel good that the doctors have told me that it is not serious, but I know my body and this is just not normal.

Thank you!

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