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wmjsease 11-16-2006 06:26 AM

severe headaches
I have been having severe headaches and lightheadedness every day for a year now. Sometimes the pain is bearable for a few hours, but then it escalates to the point of feeling like your'e going to pass out or die. The lightheadedness is also unbearable. I have went to 3 neurologist, neurosurgeon, accupuncturist, cardiologists, lyme doctor, ents, etc. Still the only diagnosis is migraine disorder. I have had many many blood tests done. Lyme was not totally ruled out. I have tried several migraine medicines, but they either didn't work, or just made me even sicker. I can't drive. I haven't driven in a year. I can't even go out anymore. I can't go shopping, to family functions, to my kids stuff at school, etc. When I get around any kind of movement or noise, or people, the headaches, and lightheadedness gets worse. And when it's time for my period, it's 3 times worse then. Anyone have any ideas. I have thought about going to a headache specialists 3 hours away from here, or to an endocronologist to see if its related to hormones or something. It's hard not to give up. I'm only 36 with three kids. I'm tired of not being there for them. And people think I'm crazy because I'm like this. I've had all kinds of suggestions, like I need to cut my hair, stop using the computer, change my contacts, etc. Unless people have this, they just don't understand what it does to a person. Any help would be appreciated.

aussie_jono 11-16-2006 02:44 PM

Re: severe headaches
Have you tried a migraine preventativ, such as amitriptyline?

Meclozine *may* help the lightheadedness, it is avaliable from your pharmacy

It is better to take an analgesic before the pain gets unbearable, try ibuprofen 400 - 600mg

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