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  • constant dull head pressure

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    Old 05-26-2003, 07:41 PM   #1
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    Post constant dull head pressure

    Two weeks ago on Monday, I exerienced a sharp jabbing head pain that lasted for only a few seconds. I didn't think much of it because I have had them before and they usually go away. However, this time the jabs happened again and then I felt a dull sensitive pressure on the top left back part of my head. For the next few days, I would feel the sharp jabs after exercising and the pressure feeling would last pretty much the entire day. I went to the doctor on Thursday and the doc did a short neurological exam and said that he didn't think it was anything serious and gave me a prescription for Naproxen. I started taking the prescription immediately and the next day I could still feel the pressure and my stomach started hurting every time I ate. Also, I would experience a twitching feeling above my right ear.

    Saturday, I left for a vacation cruise and I was still having the pressure feeling but I was not having the sharp pains any more. However, the pain after eating was getting worse. I quit taking the Naproxen and the pressure turned into what I can only describe as having an ice pack on my head.

    Also, during this time I was also taking Goody's, Ibuprofen and Tylenol. I started having black stools which I knew could be upper GI bleeding. I went to the infirmaary on the boat to get some Mylanta and I mentioned the black stools and they said that I had to go to the hospital. At this time, I am in Cozumel, Mexico and I didn't want to go but they said that I didn't have a choice because we were to be all day at sea the next day and if I did started bleeding internally, there was nothing they could do.

    So, I was hospitalized in Mexico and they did a bunch of tests and anyway, I will leave a lot of those details out. I returned to Tampa and my cold head sensations were pretty intense. I don't know if the stress from the Mexico incident made them worse but I was concerned enough to go to the emergency room. A nerological exam and CT scan was performed which both came back normal. The doc prescribed me some fioricet which I have yet to take because I am still worried about upsetting my stomach again. The cold sensations subsided for most of the next day but I could still feel them slighlty.

    Today, the annoying head pressure has been okay at best but I can still feel the pressure. My family doctor's office was closed today for the holiday but hopefully I will be able to see him tomorrow. I am extremely worried about what may be found.

    I have been trying to self diagnose myself but I come up with too many possible causes. My neck and shoulders are always sore so I thought that I may be having tension headaches. I also thought that it may be tension headaches because I have been under a lot of stress at work.

    About two weeks before the pressure started, I had a bad case of sinus problems that lasted for about two weeks. I was blowing all kinds of junk from my nose and I had some congestion. I thought maybe the headaches could be related to that but I am not experiencing any facial pains and my nose isn't running any more.

    I have also thought that I may have done something to my neck either at the gym or because I am always "popping" my neck. I haven't found much information on this subject.

    Another thing I have thought of is that I may need another eye exam. I noticed that I haven't been seeing too well and my right eye is weaker than my left eye, so I started using my contacts presrcibed for my left eye for my right eye too. This has really helped with my sight but I still may need to have an exam.

    And finally I have been doing research on anxiety headaches. I suffered from panic attacks about two years ago and was placed on Zoloft for about 1.5 years. I quit taking the medication and I seem to have a pretty good control on my anxiety attacks though I still need a Xanax from time to time.

    Another thing I have thought of is that I may be clinching my teeth. I have been cheked out before on this because I thought that I was having an earache and you could see bite marks on the sides of cheeks. I started wearing a mouth piece and the ear pain and bite marks went away. I quit wearing the mouth guard and the ear aches haven't come back but the bite marks have. I am wearing the mouth piece again hoping that grinding my teeth is what is causing my head pressure.

    Of course I am also considering brain cancer. My head never really hurts, it just an annoying pressure like feeling and my head feels like its in a fog. I guess that I will have to undergo more tests to rule out this possibility.

    Sorry for writing a book but I just needed to get out everything that I have been going through lately and I have found this board to be very informative.

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    Old 05-26-2003, 07:57 PM   #2
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    Sounds like you've had a lot of tests done on you. They would have seen something in the CT scan, blood work, etc. Don't worry. I'm sure you're OK. It's probably related to your sinuses and stress.

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    I have had that pressure feeling in my head for over 10 weeks. It started after a severe sinus infection. At my last doc appt, they took 6 tubes of blood to rule out all kinds of problems.
    The doctor said my neck muscles seem very tense and could be causing the headaches that I have been getting with the pressure feeling.
    My biggest complaint is not being able to read. I look at something and it is fuzzy. I just had my glasses redone about 6 months ago so I do not think it is my vision.
    I was given a very strong antibiotic to kill anything that may still be residing in my head. I also take Allegra for the allergy symptoms.
    I was told to do neck exercises in the shower twice a day and apply moist heat every few hours.
    Also 3 ibuprofen every 4-6 hours.

    Old 05-27-2003, 06:46 AM   #4
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    Thanks for your replies. I have an appointment to see my family doctor later this morning. I will basically tell him everything that I wrote in my post above. I will let y'all know what he thinks the next move should be. Hopefully it won't me anything serious but until I am told that, I am sure that the stress in not knowing is making things worse.

    And Miza03, I know exactly how you feel when you try reading because I get that fuzzy feel too.

    Old 05-27-2003, 06:01 PM   #5
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    I went to my family doctor today. He thinks it something to do with a nerve in my head that may go away on it's own. I don't like that diagnosis so I will continue to search for other answers.

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