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shirley51 03-06-2008 03:56 AM

Pounding/pulsing in my head.
Yesterday I found several letters here from people with the same symptoms as I have. unfortunatly I can't find all of them again!!
I suffer from hearing dissability, tinitus, daily headaches and migaine and since a year and a half ago I have developed a pounding, pulsing feeling in my head. This is for me, constant. Not worse when I sleep as some of you said. I am waiting for a heart specialist appointment. 3 years ago when I started to get frequent migraine I did MRI, ultra sound and regular head xrays. Nothing was found.
I was so happy to find these letters from others that had exactly the same symptoms as myself. This is the first time. It is so hard to explain this to friends and family. It is driving me mad. I have no peace from it. I should say at around this time I also developed an underwater feeling in my head. This has to do with my hearing, it is a known problem. I still feel that the pulsing is the hardest to live with and would love to hear from others that may have found some answer or relief from it. I am by the way under very good specialists.
Hope someone out there gets in touch.

Caroline2006 03-11-2008 07:00 AM

Re: Pounding/pulsing in my head.
Hi Shirley

It was interesting to read your note about the pulsing in your head. My fiance, John, has had this same thing for a couple of years now. He also doesn't get it worse at night like so many of the other people that are on here. His symptoms are very similar to a guy on here called, I think, "pulsing head" who only wrote the once a couple of years ago. It seems to be linked with movement of his eyes which as you can imagine makes it a pretty contant thing to be going on.

He describes it as a pulse in his head that goes "szchoom, szchoom" like a light saber from star wars. When it's bad there can be up to five pulses straight after eachother and like an electric shock can shoot down his face, or down his arms or even down his whole body and down his legs.

When he first went to the doctors they gave him anti-depressants which did relieve the pulsing although after a few months, the pulsing would start at a certain time each day and would stop when he took his next tablet. John believes that there was something in the tablet that stopped the pulsing. Sometimes Paracetamol would have the same effect.

We would be very interested in how your pulsing compares.



Executor 03-12-2008 08:32 PM

Re: Pounding/pulsing in my head.
I wouldn't rule out sinus related issues either. Additionally, sounds like you may have what they call "cluster headaches"....Do some research on-line and see if the research matches any of your symptoms and etc.

Good luck.


Caroline2006 03-14-2008 01:55 PM

Re: Pounding/pulsing in my head.
Hi Shirley and PulsingHead

Yesterday I had a major discovery that I want to share with you. If you search the internet for "brain zaps" you will find an abundance of information and experiences. We have just been using the wrong words!



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