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for everybody with brain fog, lethargy, sore joints, headaches etc.

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for everybody with brain fog, lethargy, sore joints, headaches etc.

Hello everybody with the brain fog, lethargy, sore joints, headaches etc.
I had all that so bad until a year ago that my life stopped cold. Night sweats, poor sleep, awaking feeling more tired than when you went to bed. Irritablity way up, periodically dizzy,fatigued with no apparent reason, joint pain etc.....

They checked me for bacterial infection, nothing. My wife plugged symptoms into a search engine and up came the elephant in the closet! Candida Albicans overgrowth.

Once I knew the problem, the fix became available and worked instantly. No more fog! Yeah!

Our North american diets are too rich in simple sugar and we, much of the time do not get enough sleep. This leaves an overload of simple sugars laying around, diminishes the immune system and sets our digestive tracts and other mucous membranes up for a fungal overgrowth of the above yeast spores. These spores are necessary and on us and in us in great numbers but controlled by a sensitive balance. Too much sugar in the system, depressed immunity and the stage is set for these opportunistic little critters to grow unbridled, starting in the GI tract, then spreading, and disrupt accordingly.

Without getting too deep here, have a look in the web and you will find information everywhere, with many of the sites trying to sell you herbal remedies. These are good for maintenance but you need real chemistry to initially bomb the problem. If you don't, you will just 'lick it around the edges', as they say.

Yeast feeds on simple sugar and creates two by-products, ethanol and carbon dioxide. Yes, thats right, it turns us into a walking distillation tank. You are a living, breathing moonshine factory and what you experience, in large part, is the result of having unwanted alcohol (ethonol) in your system; feels just like a hangover and does much of what drinking too much booze does, except that the booze flow does not stop........

The symptoms are diverse and more intense as the overgrowth gets stronger but often starts with the brain fog and headaches. The symptoms are also, for the most part, subclinical, that is to say,not easily pointed up on any tests. This is a fairly recently recognized phenomenon (early 80's) and therefore not well subscribed to by the medical community. In medicine the infection is usually found in already sick patients with comprimised immune systems or in chronically otherwise ill people who have historically been fed more than their share of antibiotics. Antibiotics kill bacteria in the GI tract and leave the opening for yeast spores to overgrow. I discovered a very real genetic predisposition to it in my family, my dad, one brother of mine, and two of my kids, aged 24 and 25. Not much is written on this part of it yet...... As I have read in this thread, one can go around in circles, bouncing around from doc to doc, all trying hard to fix you. I got lucky and got to it right away.

I had to educate my doc which was not easy, my daughter had to do the same and only after they tested her for a month, full workups, was she allowed to try what she went in to get originally. After that, she was better in 3 weeks. All better.

The fix is Lamosil (terbinifine), 250 mgs, once a day with food, for six weeks. Eliminate ALL simple sugars (fruit, milk and dairy, and the obvious ones), fungus ridden things, caffiene and live on clean vegetables, lean meat, chicken, fish, oatmeal for breakfast with blueberries, brown rice, quinoa and lots of purified water. There is all kinds of information in the web on diet. The main thing is to starve the yeast over time by eliminating sugars, but kill it initally with terbinifine. Without the terbinifine, all the herbals they try to sell you on the web will not work, the infection is too strong. Maintain the diet for at least 6 mos and when the lamosil is done, use grapefruit seen extract and pau darco as a daily dietary supplement. These are anti fungals. You may well feel worse for a week or two, initially. This is as a result of the yeast spores dying and releasing a nasty substance called acetaldehyde when they do so. They call it the die-off effect.

Get some cardio exercise 3-4 times a week, that will hasten the mend and make you feel better too, by metabolizing some of the yeast chemicals at hand.

I was infected for likely 15 years without knowing it, estimates are as much as 40
% of the North American population is running around with this infection, due to our diet of processed food and simple sugars. We are not biological freaks, just victims of a lifestyle that is not so good for us.

One big one, at the expense of wearing out my mat, do not think when you start to feel better that you are all better. You are not. These spores bore deeply over time into mucous membranes and are terrific survivors, you kill 80% of the top ones over 4 mos., start with the bad diet again and within a week you will be right back where you started, sick and miserable. Just ask me......... They say if the infection is deep like in me, you may need several rounds of Terbinifine, I just got my third yesterday in 18 mos. I can still feel it there, maybe 15 % of the original misery.

You will likely lose weight on the new eating habits, don't fret, you are not wasting away. You are returning to your natural state, mostly on account of fuelling with food you are naturally equipped to burn. I remember when I start feeling sorry for myself that I now eat to live, not the other way around. No more Dairy Queen and other nasty little fly-bys that are fun....... Sorry all you junk food junkies, life just changed for you....

Grapefruit, one a day, with a little lime juice sprinkled on it will cure the sweet tooth you likely have (not for the first 2 months, though). Many go through a sugar withdrawal, I did. It stopped after about 6 weeks.

Please report back in here with results and spread the word. This is an insidious little problem hard to find and kind of easy to fix, if you know the ghost you are looking for.....

Gotta get back to work now....Good luck and look forward to hearing!

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