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Please, I need advice!

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Old 06-04-2008, 09:07 AM   #1
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evrithngzen HB User
Exclamation Please, I need advice!

So, I posted a thread about my headaches a few days ago hoping to get some good advice from someone who has been or is going through the same as me, but no replys yet! Im going insane here worrying about this, I have yet another headache, and it's starting to hurt through my jaw, and my jaw clicks sometimes now when I chew.????????what is going on?
I would like to go to the doctors about this, but even though I work for an attorney, I still don't have health benefits, and cannot afford a $600.00 dollar hospital visit just because of an ongoing headache. I'd think it would be more basic than that ya know? I'm just not sure anymore, everyone I talk to says "yes, you need to see a doctor, that's def. not normal." But honestly, what is a doctor going to do besides make me uncomfortable, and write me a $100.00 dollar prescription for something I probably won't take. . .I'm just so unsure of what to do about it, maybe it's all in my head, but I need some advice from someone who knows what I'm going through! There has to be someone that understands. . . Is it normal, being that I'm only 21, to have pains like this in my head?

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Old 06-04-2008, 09:39 AM   #2
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chiefan58 HB User
Re: Please, I need advice!

Sounds like it could be TMJ. My wife has similar symtoms with that. I'm guessing others can offer additional information. Although, if they give you a prescription that you're not going to take, I'm guessing the pain must not be that bad. The reason they would give you a prescription is to attempt to fix the situation. Good luck.

Old 06-04-2008, 09:41 AM   #3
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gorgee HB User
Re: Please, I need advice!

Ok, I can help you, and I have been through what you are. Do you have a primary care physciian or a regular doctor you go to? What about a dentist? The jaw hurting and popping is a good indication that you have tmj, which is going to grow worse, and is probaly tied to your headaches. I believe you need a muscle relaxant, like flexeril or valium, and a pain medication, like vicoprofen. I say vicoprofen because it will help with the inflammation. You need to get in asap. I would say try to find a dentist who specializes in tmj, but your regular doctor could be a good start.

I have suffered from headaches/ migraines since I was a child. It sounds like you have tmj, do you grind? If you have tmj, that could be also causing you headaches. I could go on and on about my experience with tmj, migraines, chronic pain, and more.

My headaches got worse this summer, about everyday, and they were mostly behind my left eyeball. In September my battle with chronic pain began, and I am still battling it today.

I have tmj, and I have a lot of damage to my condyles and discs. I have been diagnosed with temporal tendonitis, which is causing my facial muscles to spasms, and headaches. It sounds like you need to get to a doctor asap, maybe even your dentist, especially for the jaw and popping. They are all connected. I know seeing a doctor is expensive, but if you do not go, you could get worse, like I did, and now I am dealing with chronic pain everyday, and trying to get disability. I am 31.

I may have repeated myself, but I cannot tell you how important it is for you to be seen today or tomorrow. You do not need to go to ER, but go to a regular doctor. If you do not have one, ask around, and start calling, and get in asap. Your daily headaches are an indication that you have a lot going on, and my guess would be it is your tmj, or jaw causing the headaches and other pain.

Please call and make an appt. Please write me back, how long has this been going on? Do you grind your teeth, and have you had any more stress than usual lately?

I can help you with what I have been through. I let things go and I did not take care of them when I should have, and here I am today with chronic pain. You do not want to have that.

I hope I helped, and get that appt soon! Also, about them giving you medication that you would not take, if they give you meds, you need to take them, they are going to make you feel better, and get things calmed down, like a muscle relaxant. How much pain are you in? My headaches/migraines are sometimes a 10 on the pain scale, and I have been in the ER a couple of times because I could not control them. My everyday pain is about a 5, and my migraines are an 8 usually, and I have them about 5 days out of the week sometimes more. If you are prescribed medication, and are in pain, you need to take what they give you to get better.


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BryceMan HB User
Re: Please, I need advice!

Just be careful about what the doctors say... the doctors who first saw my aunt and my mom for their TMJ issues said that its not a real dissorder and that they didn't have any physical problems. If you don't stand up for yourself, no-one else will.


Old 06-05-2008, 06:11 AM   #5
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evrithngzen HB User
Re: Please, I need advice!

Wow, you know what I got 3 replies to that message, and they all said TMJ! I had actually never even heard of that and did a bit of research on it, and it sounds just like me! I do have the problem of grinding my teeth when I sleep, and when I'm irritated or nervous, or even just out of the blue I'll clench my teeth together, not even realizing I'm doing it! I actually have a dentist appt coming up in July for a cleaning, maybe I'll mention it to him, and see what he thinks about it. Do you have the same problem where the back of your head starts to indent in when you laugh really hard? Or is that something entirely different? Let me know what you think I like your advice! Thank you so much!

Old 06-05-2008, 06:44 AM   #6
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tmj225 HB User
Re: Please, I need advice!

Don't worry, I have bad TMJ (to the extent I've had 3 surgeries for it!) and have had migraines so I think I can help.

First of all, the popping and jaw pain is definitely TMJ. TMJ is very common though so there's loads of information online if you want to research it. When you talk to your dentist, discuss options like having a splint made. The splints are clear plastic that you wear (I've learned that top splints are the most effective) and the point is to take pressure off of your jaw. By your teeth not touching, you can't grind or clench them so it will loosen up your muscles. I will warn you though, the splints are not cheap but well worth it! I wear mine 24/7, but you can also just wear them at night.

If you talk to your dentist, get a splint, and still aren't getting enough relief, call your dentist's office and ask for a recommendation on a TMJ specialist. My TMJ specialist constantly adjusts my splint, gives me neck and jaw exercises, and is a great resource for when I'm experiencing a different type of pain.

As for the headaches, they're most likely caused by your TMJ, but they can qualify as migraines. I'm under the care of a neurologist for mine. Consider seeing a neurologist if the headaches don't improve with your TMJ because they know of a lot of different medicines that can help. For example, I'm on Cymbalta, a medicine marketed as an antidepressant, for my chronic TMJ pain and migraines (not for depression). Also, once I had a migraine that lasted over 24 hrs. so went to the neurologist. He gave me a medicine called Maxalt, but said if I didn't get relief within a few hours that a had to go the ER for IV treatment. He wrote up a letter for us to give to the ER doc with his recommendations on what meds to give me. He had them give me Depicon. If you have any type of medical insurance, they should cover a neurologist.

In terms of my recommendations for meds, I agree with what someone else wrote, flexeril or valium. I take both daily because TMJ/headaches cause your facial, neck, and back muscles to get really tight. Valium also can be used for people having anxiety problems so that is good to take for muscle pain, especially if the pain is starting to get your worked up. Flexeril is a much stronger muscle relaxant. I personally happen to have a freakishly high tolerance for pain killers, anesthesia, and muscle relaxants, but here's my experience with flexeril. The first night I took it, I woke up with what my mom described as a hang-over. Yet, the next night, it didn't affect me at all. Now, I can take one or two flexeril every 4 hours and it has no effect on me. If you notice that flexeril affects you too much, just take it at night.

Also, talk to your regular doctor about getting a prescription for a pain killer to take when the pain gets out of control. Whether it's percocet or vicodin, it will make you spacey. It's worth it though. From my experience, if you don't take something for the pain and let it get out of control, the meds don't work as well and the pain is harder to reel-in.

So consider all of these options. Although you're worried about the money, it might be worth the sacrifice if it will end your pain. I would suggest calling your dentist's office to see if you can make the appointment earlier to start treating your TMJ/headaches right away. Best of luck and I'll keep my eye on the thread in case you have anymore questions for me.

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