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Headache from my neck?

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Old 04-28-2010, 10:46 PM   #1
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PumpkinSeed HB UserPumpkinSeed HB User
Headache from my neck?

Okay, first of all i've gotten tension headaches all my life, just really low level ones that are resolved with two tylenol. In the last two years i've been getting really bad headaches during my menstrual cycle (not every one every few).

But lately I've been getting WHOPPERS. Ones that tylenol, ibuprofen etc can't seem to get rid of. I believe this is related somehow to my neck. I have a really crappy old bed with a crappy 40 year old matress and I sleep all twisted up and crazy. I've woken up with very sore muscles in the past and I'm also inactive and not working so I mostly sit in front of my computer all day.

I decided to start exercising and that was going really well. One day I went to a yoga class (about six weeks ago) and I hurt my neck. It didn't feel hurt at the time but two days later I couldnt turn my head to the right. It never really went away. Two weeks after this injury I went back to the gym and went on the treadmill for 1/2 an hour and was holding myself up on the sides (not sure if this did anything) but immediately after got a REALLY HORRIBLE headache that lasted two days, nothing i took for it seemed to work till my mom gave me two robaxacets (the ones with tylenol in them), then it settled down. but every since, my neck constantly hurts, my ears are plugged. I get numb in the left side of my face (around my jaw where i had nerve damage 1 1/2 years ago from a screwy wisdom tooth removal that left me numb in my chin for 3 months). my shoulders hurt.

The headache is behind my nose. my right eye HURTS sometimes, like someone is poking it. i get pain right on the top of my head. sometimes in my temple. it just all blends in with the neck pain. i feel foggy and i cant see out of my eye properly. my eye actually feels almost swollen sometimes and sometimes i take tylenol, ibuprofen, or the muscle relaxant and that kinda helps but doesn't totally get rid of the pain. i feel abnormal!!

got a ct scan, doc sent me to emergency when i said my face was numb. no tumor, or anything else, i dont think i have a problem with my spine. they said i had 'migraines' but i don't want to believe this. can you get a migraine from a neck injury?

my mom totally knows what im talking about all the symptoms and she has migraines. i dont want to think that i will have to live with migraines now forever, because this is a daily thing.

i cant seem to fix my neck because of how i sleep. im almost ready to sleep sitting up though im serious just so i can keep my head from twisting.

does this sound familiar to anyone? anyone have this? anyone have it and did it go away? help! i can't live like this anymore. it's making me SO ANXIOUS! i keep thinking im having a stroke or something.

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Old 04-29-2010, 02:04 AM   #2
Doll Baby
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Doll Baby HB User
Re: Headache from my neck?

it could be tmj or tightness from being in front of computer also sinus can do that try sinus meds over the counter see if that helps if not tmj

Old 04-29-2010, 07:31 PM   #3
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Odra111 HB User
Re: Headache from my neck?

I also have neck problems and believe I am having headaches because of that.
Yoga teachers should warn students that some inverted postures can hurt the neck. I do practice yoga but cannot do inverted positions.

I am not a big fan of neck adjustments, but I had x-rays of my spine/neck and things are bad.

A few things that are helping:

- i've been visiting a chiropractor who's gradually improving the flexibility of my spine and neck (neck adjustments need to be done very gently otherwise I don't recommend a chiropractor at all).
- there are neck stretches that can be done once/twice a day that can help; these are all simple and gentle exercises, but you definitely feel the difference after a few days;
- you've got to sleep in a nice mattress - that's absolutely essential; never sleep on your stomach; lie on your side and adjust the pillow to maintain your head and neck in a neutral position (you can put a small pillow under your knees); if you lie on your back, put a pillow under your knees.
- MEDITATION and RELAXATION exercises do help. I was doing a lot of yoga but was skipping the meditation. That was a mistake. Meditation brings a very good kind of energy to your body - you feel like cleaning your body/mind from the stress. This is a big thing that people tend to dismiss. Do a few minutes of relaxation (scan your body and relax every muscle, bones, organs, etc) and then a few minutes of meditation. Spend time on your neck when you are doing the relaxation - release the tension as much as possible.
I've been doing these things for two weeks now and it's helping a lot. My neck feels a lot better and the headaches are much lighter.

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PumpkinSeed HB UserPumpkinSeed HB User
Re: Headache from my neck?

thank you for your responses.

i have an appt next tues for an xray of my spine.
making a dentist appt to talk about possible tmj
my mom is getting me an early birthday present of a new bed!

and yeah, i SO know what you mean about the meditation. last night i laid in bed and listened to some chill music on my ipod, in the dark, with a bar of cocoa butter, and slathered it on my neck, then gently touched all the parts of my neck and shoulders and found the exact points that hurt. so i got up and made a little diagram of my head and circled the spots so i could show the doctor where it hurts, maybe i can narrow down which muscles are damaged (if my spine is okay) and go to a massage therapist to get them worked on.

i'm seeing my chiropractor on saturday. he doesn't want to touch my neck till he sees those xrays. he doesn't do any manual stimulation, just uses this clicker thingie. not sure if it's useful or if it's a placebo but it does help.

thank you again.

i spent some time off the computer and after a while i got alot of head pressure which i worked out with a benzo and some gentle head massage. i think if the benzo works, it's defo a tension problem.

Old 04-30-2010, 12:10 AM   #5
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rose4me HB Userrose4me HB User
Re: Headache from my neck?

PumpkinSeed - I too have neck 'headaches'. A herniated disk and a torn disk from an auto accident (t-boned, not rear ended). What I do, when I feel one of them come on - is to begin to add ice, not directly to the skin, but in a cloth and baggie to catch the drips and no longer then 15-20 minutes at a time, don't want to damage your skin; as well as stretch my neck as tall as I can make it. It takes the pressure off the nerve(s) and if I catch it early enough, I can avert a neck 'migraine'. I have been fortunate to avoid very many of these since I figured out what irritates the neck. Your posture is crucial when you have an irritated cervical spine. Odd seating positions, looking down for an extended period of time, turning your head quickly to look at something - things we all take for granted. Your neck behavior if that is the cause must be relearned as to not cause further aggrevation.
Also, other things that may seem insignificant to you now, for example: the feeling of pins and needles anywhere on your body - You may want to seek out a dermatome chart. This gives you areas of the body that correspond to the nerves in your spine. If you have pins and needles - believe me you will know it.
I believe in being prepared - I wish I had known about this at the beginning of my journey - at least I believe I would of been better informed and less shocked at what I learned at the ortho spine doc's office.

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Doll Baby
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Re: Headache from my neck?

Can you have a migraine without the headache? I have neck stiffness and tightness into my head one sided i just startes with dizziness doc said it was v ertigo i disagree the dizziness is coming from the neck tightness had a ct good i was told i have arthritis in neck and a pinched nerve I have thought all along it could be migraine when i ask the drs they say no you dont have a headache any suggestions

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