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tUrRrRa 03-30-2011 08:14 PM

Menstrual Migraines
I get various migraines, but by far the very worst are the menstrual migraines. I have been very fortunate to identify a neck problem that was causing some other migraines (they were not as severe, but still enough to make me bed-ridden every evening when they hit me) and my prescriptions seem to handle other migraines pretty well. I can't seem to prevent my menstrual migraines at all and they are like a train hitting me. I take the birth control pill to skip every other period, so I've cut those menstrual migraines in half!

I've been reading and learning about how these menstrual migraines are due to a drop in estrogen levels right before menstruation. I also just recently read about some people who used an estrogen patch, similar to those used for menopause, and actually found relief! I imagine I'll need to talk to my gyno about this, but no other doctors have mentioned this kind of treatment. I am very interested! Have any of you tried this before? What were your results? Another person recently recommended acupuncture because even that helped their menstrual migraines when nothing else would work. I'll admit that I often feel more comfortable trying "traditional" medicine before something else, but I am willing to look into that as well.

I think my physical therapy for my neck will do wonders for my tension headaches, sinus pressure, and the migraines that would stem from my neck (it would gradually start there then go up into my head and turn into a migraine). I just do NOT think this will help my menstrual migraines since that seems to be caused from hormones. I am on the right path... but I Think I still need to do a little more.

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