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Head, Face, Back and Neck Pain...HELP!

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Head, Face, Back and Neck Pain...HELP!


I have been trying to find a cause for all of my symptoms and am currently in the process of seeing several doctors and having some tests done. I was just curious to see if anyone has experienced anything quite like this.

A few months ago I started having this burning ache in my upper back between my shoulder blades. I have had back pain before but this was more like a cramp or spasm that would cause almost like nerve pain (hot and cold feeling on my back that would creep up my neck). I also had pain and weakness in the right arm as if I had slept on it all night. These symptoms came and went over the course of a few months and would trigger with certain movements and I still have them today. Then about 3 weeks ago I started having increased stiffness in my neck and when I turn my neck certain ways it will hurt or it will trigger a cramp down my back. Then I started getting constant dull aching head pain primarily over the eyes, in my left ear with a muffled feeling in the ear and the ear will pop if blow my nose. I also have pain in my temple and in my jaw and my jaw has locked and gotten stuck into spasm mode several times, and I also have pain in between my eyes down into the bridge of my nose and cheeks. I also have these random pains in the back of my head (also of the dull achey nature) that hurt when I bend my head back or turn my neck.

None of the pains are sharp or debilitating and just come and go all day long but they are there in some degree every day and everyday they are concentrated in a different area. Some days its pressure in my head and face. Other days a dull achey pain that lingers over the eyes and other days its the temple and the jaw that feel tight and clenched.

What concerns me the most is this intense pressure feeling I have in my head primarily in the front part like in my face. It feels like my head is going to explode or like I am going up in an airplane with a huge weight balanced on my head. I also get flush feeling in my face and sometimes those hot and cold feelings on my head.

I have no nuerological problems that I or my loved ones have noticed such as problems with vision, speech, hearing confusions, room spinning dizziness or anything weird like that. I sometimes feel a bit off balance I think from the pressure feeling but its actually mroe of like a weighted down feeling like my whole body is heavy and out of allignment liek someone is pressing down on me(if that makes sense). My blood work was all normal and I had a complete physicial with a EKG and I also recently had a chest x ray with contrast that were all normal.

I am seeing an ENT to check for sinus problems and a chiropractor to look at my back and neck issue to see if there is anyway that could have caused the head condition since the head problems started after the back and neck issue.

I am just really anxious and wondered if anyone had anything similar happen and what doctors they saw and what tests they had. I am so scared this is a brain tumor or something really bad. I am absolutely petrified even though the ENT says he does not think it is anything evil and put me on allegra and told me to get a humidifier and that it was sinus cause I had a post nasel drip. He also told me I had a deviated septum and that my jaw was crooked. So basically I left there feeling worse than when I went in. To think 31 years old and now finding out I have a crooked nose and jaw !!

Could back and neck problems cause your head to feel like this and cause headache and facial pain every day? Do any sinusitus sufferers have such severe pressure in their whole head like this with dull achey pains?

Thanks. It feels good to share all my symptoms and chat with folks. I apologize for the long post.

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Re: Head, Face, Back and Neck Pain...HELP!

To answer your question, YES! Although my symptoms aren't exactly the same, I definitely have my share of upper back and neck issues that also cause head pains, face pains, sinus, and ear issues too. I learned more about myofascial pain and trigger points and bought a trigger point therapy book. I was surprised how many problems trigger points can cause in various areas. If your nerves are compressed by the tight muscles that spasm, that will cause the feelings into your arms. The tricky part is that something else could be involved causing trigger points, or it could be that on its own just from bad posture or sleep position. I went through physical therapy without any luck and am considering chiropractic care. I do my at-home trigger point therapy and it keeps it from getting worse, but I haven't been able to make it go away.

I am sorry you have to go through all of this! I would also say that most of my pains alone are not debilitating or extreme, but as a whole it really does limit what I can do and greatly affects my life. I'm an active person and can no longer go running, do vigorous exercise, etc. When I overdo it, it triggers a migraine that will then become debilitating for sure. Hope you are able to find out a definite cause for this soon... and find an effective way to treat it! Best of luck!

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