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4kids4me 04-15-2012 12:55 PM

Migraine and bad headache for a week. HELP!
I developed a bad headache last Sunday. It hurt a lot, but was bearable by going to bed early. I didn't sleep well because my head kept hurting and on Monday I got up with it still hurting. By late morning it had developed into a migraine. I have a history of several classic migraines a year, and it's never been uncommon for them to last a full day, but hadn't had one in a couple of months. After the migraine had lasted nearly 3 days, I went to my Dr's office for help. He gave me a shot of Demerol with Zofran and sent me home. After 5 more hours of pain, realizing that the shot was NOT going to kick in, I called my local ask-a-nurse who instructed me to to to the ER. In the ER I got a shot of something called Neucaine (sp?) and an IV bag of fluids with some more Zofran and some Morphine. The pain in my head went from a 9 on the pain scale to a 6, so I went home expecting to sleep it off. I had another night of not sleeping well, and in the morning, I woke up with it being just a bad headache again, so I thought I was on the mend. By the end of the day, it had turned BACK into a migraine and has stayed that way. I've never head a bad headache or migraine last this long, or be this intense for so long, and I'm downright exhausted and worn out from being in pain! I really don't want to go back to the ER, so I'm going to wait until my Dr's office is open tomorrow (Monday) to go in to see someone. I don't want to just get a shot and "hope" it starts to feel better, I want to find something that will ACTUALLY make it better, but not sure what to suggest. I live in a very small town about 30 miles from the nearest hospital/clinic in a little bit bigger of a town, and there aren't any headache clinics or pain clinics even remotely close. I trust my Dr and his partners to do their best to help me, but I'm not sure where their knowledge lies in matters of the brain. I have had surgery on my legs and have a lot of metal in them, so MRI is out of the question. I will be asking for a CT at the very least, and I also have chronic kidney disease (Stage 1) so I am unable to use any NSAIDS like Tordol (the standard migraine shot) Advil, or Naproxen. I've been taking Tylenol, drinking lots of water, Tramadol, and I take Amitriptyline 25-50 mg at bedtime for a sleep disorder (Delta Wave Sleep Anomaly). I've tried umpteen different "at home remedies" ice packs, heating pads, lavender oil, hot baths, lukewarm baths, cayenne pepper, peppermint tea, peppermint oil, icy hot..... You name it, I've tried it, and some of these have worked in the past, but this time I've had no such luck. Does anyone have any advice I could use or take with me to my Dr to talk with him about? I'm MISERABLE!!! I've tried all the Triptans and sadly, they made my migraines feel worse, and after nearly a year on Fioricet, I had a bad experience with it making me "lose my mind" briefly.

AnnaMontana 04-15-2012 01:13 PM

Re: Migraine and bad headache for a week. HELP!
Migraines are really frustrating. I think you need something more than "a shot of something." You likely have a lot of inflammation in your had that is exacerbating the migraine. On top of mediation to stop the migraine (like pain relievers, IV meds ergotamines, nausea meds, IV benadryl, etc) you likely also need a course of steroids. Either IV solumedrol or oral prednisone. You should either go back to the ER or go to your doctor's office in the morning. Waiting it out at home isn't going to help you. You probably also need to be on some kind of daily controller medication do you don't get migraines as often. Commonly used ones are topamax (also known as a seizure med) beta blockers, calcium channel blockers (heart medications) but there are lots of them out there. They take a while (months sometimes) to decrease the amount of migraines a person gets. You probably need to see a neurologist if you have one near you.

4kids4me 04-15-2012 01:24 PM

Re: Migraine and bad headache for a week. HELP!
I really hate going to the ER. My head hurts terribly bad, and I'm desperate for pain relief, but I'm always afraid of being seen as a "squeaky wheel" or something.

AnnaMontana 04-15-2012 01:40 PM

Re: Migraine and bad headache for a week. HELP!
Believe me, I hate going to the ER for migraines too, but when you are in pain, you need relief. And migraines never happen at convenient times. Go to the ER. I'm sure they will give you something for the pain and the nausea (phenergan and benadryl works better than zofran in my opinion.) Gently suggest what they think about IV solumedrol (steroids). 1 gram. Its not bad steroids (like body builders use.) Its to knock down the inflammation that is causing the week long migraine. It won't work right away; it will talk 6-8 hours to kick in, but my neurologist uses it for people who have really long migraines. It will likely prevent you having to go back to the ER with this same migraine. Also ask about IV DHE (also known as ergotamines.) Its a med used for people with chronic migraines that don't respond well to the typical stuff. Don't let the ER blow you off. Pain is real and a migraine shouldn't last a week. Make them treat your pain and treat you with respect!

4kids4me 04-15-2012 01:55 PM

Re: Migraine and bad headache for a week. HELP!
Thank you for your replies. I am soooo tired of being in pain. I didn't get "blown off" by the ER, but I don't think they took me too seriously either. I'll probably have to "will" myself to go to the ER, cuz I just hate it so much. I may print this thread if it's ok with you to take with me, otherwise I may forget what you suggested!

AnnaMontana 04-15-2012 04:36 PM

Re: Migraine and bad headache for a week. HELP!
Please do! Its not easy to remember any of these medicine names (let alone spell them) even when you don't have a migraine. Don't be afraid to ask the ER doc to consult (even if its by phone) a neurologist to ask for advice. A migraine for over 3 days is considered "intractable" and neurologists have ideas how to handle them (including the steroids and DHE that I talked about earlier.) Good luck!

helengail 04-16-2012 01:22 AM

Re: Migraine and bad headache for a week. HELP!
When I get a really bad migraine, I usually see my neuro for nerve blocks. If that doesn't help, he will admit me to the hospital for a few days of DHE infusions. We also sometimes try a prednisone taper at home. Another possibility is IV magnesium infusions. Good luck.

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