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Bittersweet79 01-22-2013 01:35 PM

Could this possibly be a migraine? Weird symptoms...
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Hi all. I'm new here. 33 year old female.

Here are my symptoms.

I get left sided facial pain, left side of nose, left eye, left forehead, left jaw area. My left ear feels congested and tight when I get these headaches. I get kind of dizzy and feel off balance. My left eye feels like pain/pressure behind it almost like as if you would feel for sinus infection. I do not usually get nauseated with these, sometimes slightly, but not bad. It isn't a pounding headache, more like a constant tension type pain.

I thought these were sinus, but my allergy dr (after treating me with antibiotics and doing an xray of sinus) said that she thinks it's migraines. She said 85-90% of people who think they are having sinus headaches are actually migraines. So she sent me to my regular doctor.

He put me on amitriptyline to try and said nonspecific headaches. I haven't tried it yet, new drugs scare me. I have medication anxiety big time. Another dr said to try a triptan...I can't remember which one it was he prescribed me but I haven't tried that yet either.

These headaches are somewhat relieved with ibuprofen and drinking a coke.
Here aree things that make them way worse:
-Fruity pebbles (weird I know)
-Foods with a lot of preservatives like frozen foods or dried foods, seasonings, MSG
-Pizza kills me ...not sure what is in it that does that but I avoid at all costs
-Mozarella is a no no

All my headaches are generalize over the left side of my head/face. However, today I had a stupid cold sore pop up on the right corner of my lip and my headache is on the right side and right back of neck. That hardly ever happens though.

When I was 19 the whole left side of my body went numb and I had tunnel vision in my left eye and tingling all over the left side. My grandmother rushed me to the ER thinking stroke. They did all sorts of tests and came up with nothing. I didn't have a headache but now wondering if it was a silent migraine or something. They said I could have had a really bad panic attack and hyperventilated but I don't know if that would cause all the above.

anyway sound migraine to anyone? Anyone have similar symptoms?

kittenboo 02-23-2013 03:06 PM

Re: Could this possibly be a migraine? Weird symptoms...
It sounds like an allergy to something. Personally, I can tell which restaurants have MSG in their foods because I will get a migraine within about 10-20 minutes of eating. I've heard too much sodium can cause headaches and all the foods you listed are high in sodium so I would try cutting down on salt.

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