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kevin43 06-22-2011 10:56 AM

masshealth question
does anyone know what Masshealth will cover for dental for adults? i have 2 teeth that need to be filled. my dentist told me it can be up to $150 or $300 just to fill one or them WOW

thank you

Titchou 06-22-2011 12:03 PM

Re: masshealth question
Your best bet is to call the company and ask. There should be a number to call on your card.

MA guy 10-19-2011 03:44 PM

Re: masshealth question
Both check with the company, AND I would say, check any other legitimate place. I'm with masshealth too, and I've needed dentures replaced (30 year old dentures) and the rules have apparently been changing , varying, having adjustments over and over in recent years.

First, had heard medicaid or medicare no longer covered dentures,; then, newspapers announced they resumed covering them; then again, they stopped. I went to a clinic, and they said, a little known change was now allowing them again. "BUT" it all had to be done within a time limit of a few months hence, because then they were going to be again Disallowed.

Then in the middle of the procedure of getting measured. and the molds made up and repeated appointments (which I had to repeatedly pressure the doc and the office staff to schedule faster than they wanted) , upon one of the appointment visits, the desk person announced to me that , unfortunately it seemed we were not going to be able to meet the deadline, so there was no point going any further (near the end of the procedure, so what a wast of maybe a couple thousand dollars worth of efforts!).

I said, if absolutely necessary, maybe i could very gradually try to pay or get other help paying without insurance necessarily covering it; so, therefore I still wanted to continue that day at least, and talk to the doctor at least. so when i was called in, and ran this all by the dental assistant, she just looked at me, and then quietly said, "Excuse me a moment" and left for a few minutes: and when she got back, she just quietly said, that the receptionist was severely misinformed, and that there would be no problem whatever with the insurance paying and with us finishing the last couple procedures to get the dentures!

I guess she chewed out the desk woman rather severely; which didn't stop the desk person, as I was leaving and talking with her about the next appointment, from chewing out ME for having reported her and her version of things. Well, I just made nice as best I could with her, even though she apparently had deliberately or at least very casually and irresponsibly , almost ruined or tried to ruin my getting the dentures (which I urgently needed renewed, due to critical, serious digestive problems I've been having making being able to chew okay, an even much more important thing for me than they just already basically usually are for anybody, anyway).

Bottom line, I got the all important dentures, despite all the rigamaroll and confusion.

So, here in Massachusetts with MassHealth, guess it's dig, dig, dig and maybe coverage will be there if you're willing to work to hunt it down and find it. By the way, the thing which finally was apparently what saved my case, without having to worry about that deadline that I mention had seemed to be pressuring us for awhile, was reportedly some kind of I think "patchwork" little added dental type expansion of coverage in dental programs that the authorities had put in , likely due to urgent need and clinics or medical people loudly pressuring the authorities for a little increase or enlargement in coverages or budgets for them, even maybe only temporarily. AND APPARENTLY IT WAS SCARCELY ANNOUNCED, OR POSSIBLY EVEN NOT ANNOUNCED TO THE GENERAL PUBLIC AT ALL.
See what I'm driving at?

If you're in need enough, I think you should prepare to , as said, start digging on your own with the agencies, authorities, or other health people. And of course, aim to take only "yes" for an answer. Good luck

Chelsea1234 10-27-2011 12:53 PM

Re: masshealth question
Check out Mantra Health. They have great plans for dental care.

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