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minnieme1982 06-21-2012 07:10 PM

Hi guy's,
Another update we went to the local ssa office to verify that they received everything for our kids to receive ssdi from my husband. We were also given I would say some good news, the lady at the ssa office told us that they have calculated my husband's backpay amount minus the attorney fees, she said that they are just waiting for the processing payment center to release the backpay and pay the attorney. So we were able to find out the exact amount of his back pay. We have come so far and have reach so close we can almost taste it. Hopefully soon and very soon we will get a huge surprise. ONLY God knows.

To all the ppl out there that are waiting for their turn don't you give up. It might seems that its so hard and so long and you just want to give up but keep pushing keep fight your time is so near to receive what you rightfully deserve. Stay strong keep up the faith and before you know it the fighting and the struggle with all be over you will have reach the finish line and came in first place and that waiting will have all paid off in the end.

youtoo1955 06-21-2012 11:17 PM

You may see if your lawyer's office would let you know when they get paid. If they will then you will know to start checking your accounts every morning. I know some who got their back pay the next day and some that it was about a week. When it shows up you will feel like jumping up and down, doing a happy dance , and shouting for joy all at the same time. Plan a nice celebration for you family while you wait this last little bit you have left.

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