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Sandy Caregiver 06-23-2012 08:26 PM

Stroke - filing for disability
My husband had a massive stroke of Feb 29, 2012. The only things he can do for himself are eat the food that's been cut and placed before him, and brush his teeth with the toothbrush I hand him. Also, wash his face with the cloth I give him, and brush his hair with the brush I hand him.

He cannot manage his own meds, nor figure out how to work our remote control we've had since 1997. List I made earlier:

1. can’t sit up in bed or lay down without assistance. I have to raise up his head & back while swinging his legs off the bed. For laying down, I have to make sure he has his left arm limp beside him and tell him to just let himself fall down sideways while I lift both legs onto the bed. He's on the right side. Also, can’t rise from a chair without assistance/spotting.
2. can walk a little with a gait belt and hemi-walker, and must be spotted because of balance issues.
3. right arm non-functioning
4. can’t change his own Depends
5. he has blocked vision from about straight ahead to all the way right, in both eyes
6. aphasia – can answer ‘fine’ to people asking how he is, but the words become non-words if conversation is attempted.
(last night instead of calling me by name (Sandra), he called me ‘Cancer’, after which he asked me to put salt & pepper on and points to his head. Fortunately, for him, I knew he meant cap!).
He also can’t get the pets names right, and calls our girl dog him.
7. He will often do something like try to stick a toothbrush in his mouth while he still has the rinse water in there. He can only take one line commands, and
I do give him one line commands while brushing, but sometimes he thinks he knows and jumps ahead(like trying to stick the toothbrush in his mouth before spitting out the rinse water), so I have to watch him.
8. can’t dress or undress.
- he can feed himself and brush his teeth *with* supervision.

I am submitting an online application with the social security and the disability claim ( 2 separate things there). They will call here for a phone interview and will be requesting records from all his doctors.

Am I doing this ok? Will I still have to go to court?

ann1209 06-24-2012 08:27 AM

Re: Stroke - filing for disability
wow I am so sorry about your husband, mine had a massive heart attack and 2 strokes and he went to court and got approved, he had his episode on 2/28/2010 and he got the decision 1 day after his birthday this year. My husband is not in the shape your husband was so you may not have to go to court, you will get great advice on this board, it sure helped me. You also may want to join a support group, Just because it happened to your husband it also happened to you in a way. Good Luck

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