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hopeful40 02-10-2013 10:37 AM

ALJ Hearing
I had my appeal hearing with an ALJ on Jan 31st.....I'm a wreck. The medical expert said that I did not meet a listing, however he didnt have my most recent records. SSA and my lawyer did have the records. Then the vocational specialist said I couldn't do previous work, but listed 2 other jobs I could do. My lawyer asked her questions, and then she later said that I couldnt do the jobs she had previously suggested.
The judge asked me some questions about what I do at home. I am currently enrolled in a Dayhospital 3 days a week for bipolar I. I have anxiety, ocd, agoraphobia,and low back issues.
I just don't know how I'm gonna make it until I get the decision in the mail. I have myself physically ill. Im convinced I was denied. HELP!!!

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