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USA Updated Medication and Health Assistance Resources -
[B]Doctors may have samples, or coupons for free trials.[/B]
Ask your doctor or nurse.

[B]Many major drug companies have patient programs to assist with costs.[/B] Get in touch with the company you need help from. They may send or fax you a form to fill out to see if you qualify. You or your doctor may be required to fill out a form.

[I]Always read the fine print.[/I]

[B]Free and low-cost health clinics[/B]


[B]Save on every FDA-approved prescription medicine[/B], both generics and brands, and save on "out-of-network" purchases even if you have insurance.

[B]In the US, check with local county social services[/B] to see if you qualify for state Medicaid programs or immediate food or cash assistance programs.
(prescriptions, meds, food, housing, etc.)

[B]Many USA churches have free food pantries or know where they are located.

[I]Be aware that some companies or places might be deceptive in their approach.[/I]

[I]Make sure you understand everything you are signing up for.[/I]

[I]If an offer is not completely free, you may want to do more research.[/I]

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