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sxf919 07-29-2007 10:29 PM

Re: Giving up soda
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I gave up soda in high school after being scared by a teacher. The amount of empty calories in soda really doesn't do a thing for your health. As a swimmer, 3-5 cans of soda per day were actually slowing me down, not helping me! So, I gave it up. At first I craved it, Mountain Dew, but then I tasted it again one day and I didn't even like it. At that point, I also used to drink Sprite and Coca-cola heavily.

Now, five years later all I drink is water, iced tea, gatorade, and lemonade. I really can't stand any other drinks. Mostly though I get water cuz it's cheap, always available, good for you, and it has no sugar so it won't weigh you down. I've tried tasting my old favorites: Sprite was too lemony, Coca-cola was too sugary, and Mountain Dew was just disgusting. If I ever have a soda, I can't even finish the can and I find that I burp A LOT! Plus, the only soda that now satisfies my taste buds is Pepsi, how weird is that??

Anyways, give up soda.. it kinda sux!

bruiser93 08-15-2007 01:37 AM

Re: Giving up soda
Wait. So if you stop drinking it, it will make you faster at swimming. Man, I wish I new that last year! :( Where I'm going I can't swim :( Well there goes one of my hobbies. Thanks for the info. I like coca-cola zero anyway its still tasty and it says there are no calories. I dont think that makes much of a difference but its a start to being healthier. :D Is Coca-cola zero any different from Coca-cola, just as a health thing I mean. :confused:

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