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God Realm 12-25-2009 07:43 PM

Tips to getting in shape

I'm fourteen, almost on fifteen. I weigh about 165/170 lbs and I'm around five feet, nine inches. My BMI is still in the normal range, but is almost at overweight. I normally do not look overweight, but I really want to get back into shape.

I tend to eat a lot of junk, and sometimes consume over 50 grams of sugar in a day. I try to go below 50, but I have to admit, it is sometimes hard to resist. Diabetes runs in my family and I'm trying hard to cut down, but I need some help on exercising.

My resting heart rate has varied from 64 to about 80 at times. My most frequent is 64 - 72. I sometimes get worried since I really don't want any troubles with my heart or any organs in my body.

Do you have any tips to putting me into shape? Any healthy diet related tips? All are appreciated.


JohnR41 12-30-2009 10:20 AM

Re: Tips to getting in shape
God Realm,

It's good to hear from someone who's getting interested in their health at a young age. That's the time to make some changes. Many people wait several decades and then it's much more difficult, if not impossible, to change bad habits.

I would caution you against taking halfway measures. You really need to eliminate the junk food and get some exercise too. Divide the exercise into two parts, strength training and aerobic, perhaps alternating everyother day. If you need more detailed information you might have better luck on another board that is set up for that purpose.

You really need to clean up your diet. If you rely exclusively on exercise to burn off the calories from sugar and other refined carbs, it's very likely to fail. There's no way around it, in my opinion.

Some people crave sugar and refined starches so much, it seem very much like a drug addiction. Here's a clue: How do you stop drugs, alcoholism or smoking? You stop cold turkey and stay off of it for good. I would suggest that you use that approach for quiting refined carbs.

Like smoking (I know because I quit several years ago), the first few days are the most difficult and the first few weeks are no picnic either. The point is that it is toughest in the beginning but over time it gets easier and easier until eventually the craving is completely gone. So be prepared to work the hardest in the beginning. I also found the same to be true with an ice cream addiction. I use to eat ice cream every day and today I haven't had any ice cream for years. Who needs it; it's gargage. Just keep telling yourself: "It's garbage and I won't ever eat it again." And it might help to find a substitute like fresh fruit or any healthy snack.

Good luck.

Greenjuice 01-04-2010 09:12 AM

Re: Tips to getting in shape
Good for you. I was around that age when I got into shape. I'm 21 now and very healthy...ocd health nut. You may end up like us of many who go from binge eating to binge dieting/exercising. Anyway..

[B]Transition your carbs and get a fish oil[/B] In the morning have oatmeal and in the afternoon an oatmeal bar. Those are filled with fiber, protein, nutrients, and complex carbs. This helps the sugar cravings end, and your metabolism will have to work harder to burn them and make use of them. Your fish oil will also help stop the cravings for sugar and/or high fat foods, all while providing your body with its beneficiaries. Lowers cholesterol and makes use of your fats.

[B]Count your calories[/B] This was how I lost my baby fat. I simply gave up what I craved and recorded all my caloric intakes. Journal. I promise you will love it and will provide you with hope and a sense of well-being.

[B]Run,jog,lunge[/B] Once you start jogging, you'll begin running and before you know it, it will be a daily routine. And guess what? You feel tremendous afterwards and that feeling never goes away after any and every run. Lunges will help burn off those love handles and strengthen your core.

Those are pretty basic steps, and you can always go crazy with it and the outcome is that much better :)

P.S. Get your taste buds accustomed to Green tea, and enjoy it daily in the afternoon and/or morning. Green tea increases your metabolism than caffeine alone, as well as providing relaxation. Your weight will drop faster, guaranteed.

P.S.S. Do this for YOU, but remember the hard work you put into it and be proud. :)

johndavid1804 02-11-2010 01:23 AM

Re: Tips to getting in shape
First of all,try to avoid Junk Food..have a balance diet with some sort of exercise daily and regularly and see the difference.

ACurious1 02-28-2010 08:37 AM

Re: Tips to getting in shape
Great posts!

Also, drink lots of water. This will keep everything in your body working for you at its optimal rate. What one loses is fat and toxic waste and the water helps to cleanse, purify and rejuvenate the body. Mmm, sounds so good, doesn't it!

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