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Greenjuice 01-04-2010 09:59 AM

What's Your Bod Made Of?? :D
Hey everyone, I'm hoping I can get responses just for support, relating and gaining knowledge of our health. Post your diet and exercise program as briefly as possible, here and a brief self-examination of yourself. (Try and remember we're on health forums, so our different diets should be well-researched upon and not need harsh critiquing) I'm OCD so I just channel it differently.

Pycnogenol (maritime bark) 50mg 2x daily
Vectomega Fish Oil 1 daily
Elderberry Juice 1 daily
Evening Primrose Oil 2 daily
Quercetin 500mg 2x daily
Gotu Kola 475mg 2x daily
Bromelain 500 1x daily
Goldenseal 400mg 2x daily
Maitake Defense (Various mushroom extracts..Cordyceps, Chaga, Shitake) 2x daily
Colodial Silver 3x daily
Acetyl L-Carnitine 250mg 1-4x daily
Schizandra 580mg 2x daily
B-Complex 1x daily
Royal Jelly 1x daily
CoQ10 1x daily
Iron 1x daily
Collagen protein 1x daily
Chlorella 15 tabs daily
Spirulina 6 tabs daily
Kelp 1 daily
NewZealand Glandular (for adrenal glands) 1 daily
Mag/Zinc/Calcium 3 tabs daily
Juice Plus 2x daily
Pre/pro-biotics 3xdaily
Digestive Enzymes 3x daily
Centrium Multivitamin 1x daily

Green tea at least once a day if not more
White Sage tea
Diet Dr.Pepper (Got to have it :o )
Protein bars
Grilled Chicken

{Never snacking}

Yoga 3-5x week
Neti Pot 1-2 daily (cleaning my sinus cavities)

Very fit, but not muscular. Toned, but flexible. 150lbs 5'11

tjlhb 01-04-2010 01:21 PM

Re: What's Your Bod Made Of?? :D
That list of supplements seems absurdly huge.

One in particular brings up a question: if you are male, is the iron supplement due to known diagnosed iron deficiency? If not, you should be aware that men in developed countries are more likely to have iron excess than iron deficiency.

JohnR41 01-04-2010 01:38 PM

Re: What's Your Bod Made Of?? :D

Where are the fresh fruits (other than bananas), vegetables and whole grains? Science has not yet discovered all of the nutrients that are in whole foods. So when you take supplements you're not likely getting everything you need. You need a wide variety of fresh whole foods, especially vegetables and whole grains.

Have you calculated the amount of fiber you're getting? Men are supposed to get between 30 and 38 grams per day (hopefully from from fruits, vegetables and whole grains rather than a pill (or pills).

Greenjuice 01-04-2010 04:11 PM

Re: What's Your Bod Made Of?? :D
I'm anemic, so that is why I take I drink two cups of green tea a day for who knows how long. I've been on this regimen for 3 years now, some more or less, and I look and feel fantastic. Everyone that meets me thinks I'm 18 or 16. My skin and hair are verrry healthy. Every supplement is scheduled in their appropriate spots.

I eat an array of fresh fruit, and eat spirulina, chlorella, spinach, kelp, and other phytonutrients. They're fresh powdered supplements. I work at a natural health market and loove learning about all the different foods. I feel my health is quite amazing.

My oatmeal bars have 40% of intake, and the rest in my protein bars has 40%. I take digestive enzymes bromelain and capsuled (protase,amylase,maltase, cellulase..ect) and pre/probiotics. I have 3-4 bowel movements a day and they're all clean.

My carbs come from the sugar in my fruit intake, but mainly my oatmeal bars. I'm never sick and I'm workin it. And yeah I'm male, 21.

Greenjuice 01-05-2010 04:02 AM

Re: What's Your Bod Made Of?? :D
I will also add that I was diagnosed with chronic sinusitis, allergies, adhd, bipolar in highschool. While varies symptoms of bipolar remain, I've pretty much cured myself from all previous existing diagnoses. No allergies, minor sinus problems (with the help of my netti), improved attention span and less jittery. Health is amazing and I'm a health insurance company's best friend.

tjlhb 01-05-2010 09:45 AM

Re: What's Your Bod Made Of?? :D
What is each supplement for?

I have never before known or even heard of anyone who takes anywhere near that many supplements. Considering that there are healthy people who do not that anywhere near that many supplements, it seems odd to think that one would need to take them.

Greenjuice 01-05-2010 10:31 AM

Re: What's Your Bod Made Of?? :D
[QUOTE=tjlhb;4156243]What is each supplement for?

I have never before known or even heard of anyone who takes anywhere near that many supplements. Considering that there are healthy people who do not that anywhere near that many supplements, it seems odd to think that one would need to take them.[/QUOTE]

I know it may appear to seem like a lot, but when you research each one and its synergetic effects in different combinations its fascinating what these herbs/wholefood supplements/enzymes synergetically have on our health.

Quercetin combined with coq10 stimulates part of the endocrine glands and helps eliminate excess fluids and mucus. While Quercetine alone acts an anti inflammatory, antihistamine, and protects the prostate and urinary flow. Maritime bark (pycnogenol) alleviates allergies and inflammation. It also comes with its own array of potent antioxidents, that work well with other maitake mushrooms. These help produce t cell regeneration, which produces more white blood cells to work with our immune system. While chlorella helps build red blood cells and eliminate tumor and cancerous growths.

There's a multitude of health benefits burrowing deep within our immune system out there that is being researched upon. Research shows that we are already carrying diseases and cancers that haven't been genetically expressed yet. Why not research for the prevention? Well science does. And in many cultures, where life expectancy is much higher, they have alternative forms of prevention that are clinically proven to work with our body.

Enzyme supplementing for immune deprived peoples is important so our organs don't have to produce so many enzymes just to digest food, when it could be using those enzymes to heal wounds and regenerate healthy tissue.

All my food supplements have been backed up by clinical trial after trial and most of my herbs are used by the Chinese as well as European physicians.

The goal is to boost my immune system and achieve healthy longevity as long as sourcefully possible. Isn't that what everyone wants? It's just a crazy obsessive lifestyle I live and fight daily for...thats all

JohnR41 01-05-2010 03:51 PM

Re: What's Your Bod Made Of?? :D

Random thoughts that may be helpful (or not): ;)

You mentioned that you take coQ10: Your liver produces coQ10 and as young as you are, there should be nothing wrong with the amount that your liver produces. In many instances, when you take a supplement your body will react by ceasing to produce it and possibly your liver could lose its ability to produce it. I believe there is a blood test for coQ10 and I would recommend taking it before supplementing.

Anti-inflammatory: I believe inflammation is usually caused by eating the wrong foods such as sugar and baked goods made with white flour. Being overweight is another reason for inflammation. If you eat good food, eliminate bad food, maintain a healthy weight, then there should be no need to take anti-inflammatories, in my opinion.

Question about iron: I just read online that drinking green tea reduces iron absorbtion and is therefore bad for anaemia sufferers.

Okinawan elders, who are the healthiest and longest lived people in the world, don't believe in taking supplements. This is known from a large scale long term population study. Is there any reputable population study to show health and longevety for those who take lots of supplements? I've never heard of any large scale long term reputable study for this.

Greenjuice 01-06-2010 10:09 AM

Re: What's Your Bod Made Of?? :D

Thanks and yes I already knew this. However, my medication is notorious for depleting coq10 levels from your blood (zyprexa, adderall). And my supplements are just foods and herbs that work WITH my body, healing my adrenals, boosting my immune system, and providing potent antioxidents for brain health and cell function. I know what I'm talking about, and like I've said.

I know I'm a little nuts, thats why I take medication. However, I've cured my allergies and side effects from medicine. My blood pressure is fantastic and my blood work is normal, and having it done again soon. My dad's a doctor so I get them free. I'm in great health, and my supps, yoga, and water has saved me. Peace.

JohnR41 01-06-2010 12:00 PM

Re: What's Your Bod Made Of?? :D

After reading about all the many health problems you have overcome, I feel more confident in what you are doing. I can't say that I completely understand it but if it's working so well for you, then by all means you should keep doing what works. And now that I know you're getting blood tests and guidance from your father, it puts things in a whole new light. It doesn't seem quite so risky anymore.

Understanding how "health and nutrition" works is not always easy. What works for one person may not work for another. If there are any rules, there are always exceptions to those rules.

My personal experience leads me to be warry of drugs and supplements because there are not many things I can physically tolerate (like fish oil, aspirin, the acid form of vitamin C, and certain higher amounts of vitamin D3). I only take B12 and D3. B12 because I'm on a plant based diet and 600 units of D3 because my test-score result was low. That's it for me and I'm completely healthy. I just saw my doctor on Jan. 4 and he said, "keep up the good work!". So far I only see him for check-ups as I don't have any health problems.

I was greatly influenced by reading, "The Okinawa Program", "The China Study" and "The Spectrum". I started my plant based diet after reading "The China Study" in May of 2006 and I've been on it ever since. Other than the two supplements, my regimen consists of eating natural whole plant foods and about 6 to 7 ounces of salmon or sardines per week.

Greenjuice 01-06-2010 02:46 PM

Re: What's Your Bod Made Of?? :D

Good for you and happy to hear you have a healthy program that suits you as well. Health is very tricky like you mentioned, that's why I've been researching so long on the food supplements I take in combination with my medication. I looove plant foods and enjoy many vegetables, I eat alot. I'm interested in learning about your health methods so I;ll have to look into those. I don't eat red meats/pork, so I too take PABA and B-complex combination.

I keep a health journal and make different planned out days for taking my meds,supps, and exercises. For instance, when I'm going out I take combo CoQ10 + Quercetin + Schizandra root + Bromelain = A very good sense of well-being, alertness, mental acuity and sinus/allergy/immune protection. Feels great.

Greenjuice 01-09-2010 05:48 AM

Re: What's Your Bod Made Of?? :D
Here's one of my daily regimens that works very well:

[B]Wake[/B] [U]Adderall 30mgXR[/U] Kelp, Whey Protein w/ blueberry
smoothie, Digestive Enzymes/Probiotics (1) mag/zinc/cal, (1)
L-Phenylaline, Royal Jelly, (2)Complete Cardio
(B6,B12,Hawthorn,l-Carnitine, Ginger, COQ10, Policosanol),
Netti Pot for sinuses, Nasal Silver Spray

(Body is alkalized, charged, and ready for the day)

[B]1hr[/B] Allergy enzymes, (1)Acetyl-Carnitine, (1) Evening Primrose Oil,
(1) Quercetine, (6) Chlorella algae

[B]1hr[/B] (3)Spirulina, (1) Maitake Defense
Raw Kombucha, (1)New Zealand Glandular(addrenal health),
Collagen Protein, (1) Pycnogenol, [U]Symbrax[/U],

[B]2hrs[/B] (2) Schizandra, (1) Gotu Kola, Whey Protein meal, Digestive
Enzymes and Pre/pro-biotics, Banana,
(1) Fish Oil, (6) Chorella algae (1) Acetyl l-Carnitine, Multi,
(1) Bromelain

(Body and adrenals begin cleansing, and revitalizing, and feelings of
well-being begin to settle in. Skin has a natural glow to it)

[B]2hrs[/B] [U]Adderall 30XR[/U], Iron, (1)mag/zinc/calc

[B]1hr[/B] Collagen Protein, (1) Pycnogenol, (1) Primrose Oil, (1)

[B]1hr[/B] Allergy Enzyme therapy

[B]1hr[/B] Maitake Defense, Green Tea

[B]1 hr[/B] (3) Spirulina, (1) Quercetine, (1) CoQ10, (2) Posta-Strong,
(1) mag/zinc/calc, Elderberry Juice, (1) Gotu Kola,
(2) schizandra, (1) Goldenseal, Meal, Digestive Enzymes w/

(Neurotransmitters and adrenal glands, kidneys, liver, spleen, and colon, begin replenishing and a strong sense of humbleness and well-being are settled in) I feel fantastic and very youthful, I have a yoga ball I just sit and bounce on :)

[B]1-2[/B] [U]Symbrax[/U]

**This is one of many of my health diet planned out days. I keep a journal and love planning out health days, along with my yoga and exercise.

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