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AEW1996 02-17-2013 06:30 PM

Rapid Weight Gain
I'm 5'3", female. 2 years ago, I was at my lowest weight, 120. I got there through unhealthy means (borderline eating disorder), but even after I was 120, I still felt fat.

I eventually reconciled myself to 125 pounds and got over the whole low self esteem thing, and I stayed at 125 up until now.

Since November, I've been very self confident and have been eating healthy, exercising, all the things I'm supposed to do that's supposed to make me thin. Somehow though, in the span of three months, I've gained 15 pounds (and before someone tries to tell me this is normal, I still have eating disorder issues, etc. I do not. My doc has mentioned it as well as my mom and close friends. I am not a healthy weight or body fat percentage).

The only difference between now and earlier is that I'm under much less stress now (I can't eat when I'm stressed) and that I made a new years resolution to eat breakfast and lunch everyday (I used to skip both almost every day)

I'm thinking about skipping meals again. I know it's not healthy, and people always say that it makes you eat more, but I feel like I have tried everything else and this is the only way I can lose weight.

I just feel so disgusting putting on so much weight in such a short period of time, and none of my clothes fit me anymore

JohnR41 02-18-2013 08:34 AM

Re: Rapid Weight Gain

If dinner alone was providing the right number of calories to maintain a healthy weight, then possibly, you would have to eat a somewhat smaller dinner when you add two more meals per day. Did your 3 meals per day contain the same number of calories as when you were eating one meal per day?

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