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Coyotesdawn 07-19-2016 02:10 PM

Sudden Hearing Loss from Own Voice???

I am an individual suffering from some kind of inner ear problem, likely a circulatory disorder but nobody is really sure. Whatever the ailment I am afflicted with, it is causing my ears to be extremely delicate and made of glass (hearing is damaged from doing many, many things), and I am extremely vulnerable to loud noise.

I am a quiet talker and almost never raise my voice for any reason because of how I become ravaged by migraines and because my hearing gets distorted/damaged when I talk too loudly.
However, sometimes I pronounce the higher frequencies with more emphasis due to not being able to hear them very well. For example, sometimes I pronounce "s" or "h" at around 75-85 decibels in a single instance if my voice becomes raised. It's a little loud for conversation, but a single instance of speaking that way for a second should technically be HARMLESS unless I was exposed to at least an HOUR of that noise (look at OSHA or NIOSH standards and see what I mean).

Unfortunately, this is not the case for me. I get migraines and I appear to lose some of my hearing from these voice noises every time they reach that loudness, even if for half a second. On top of that I sometimes get some vertigo or very drowsy as if I needed to fall asleep.

The hearing change is often permanent and can leave my hearing distorted for days. I realize that it often happens around reflective surfaces, say my computer if my body is facing a certain way. Other times there is no instance of a nearby surface and it still happens.

Does anyone else have a similar affliction? Could I be experiencing a migraine variant and some kind of blood vessel spasm in my inner ear in response to these noises? What might cause this extreme vulnerability?

Thanks for the help as I am desperate for answers. My life is more or less on hold right now thanks to what is going on and I cannot participate in normal life.:eek:

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