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collard 02-22-2017 12:26 AM

San Diego stapedectomy recommendations, experiences
Hi folks,

I’m a 31 year old male living in San Diego,CA and recently diagnosed with otosclerosis in both ears. I’ve been given the option of going through the stapedotomy surgery or using hearing aids.

I met with Dr. Harris at UCSD who seems to have considerable experience with this surgery. I’m still in two minds about going for the surgery because of the 1% chance of failure and complications. So, I’m reaching out to see if anybody else has got the surgery done in San Diego, through him or someone else and how the experience was or if you faced any complications or lasting discomforts.
If the surgery was successful, how soon did the improvement in hearing show up?

Thanks for all the support and info on this forum.

verdinada 05-30-2017 04:01 PM

Re: San Diego stapedectomy recommendations, experiences
Hello - I hope you did not get this surgery -- In Mar 2016 I had a stapedectomy on left ear with great success. After surgery, no dizziness, nothing. Two weeks later I was hearing great. The audiology test indicated moderate hearing loss and it was hurting my ability to communicate. After this operation, my right ear started going bad but not nearly as bad as the left. I went to the surgeon and they did a hearing test but it showed somewhat worse than before on the right but not nearly as bad as the left. The doctor recommended stape surgery. Because the first on the left ear went so well I figured what do I have to lose.

I have never regretted anything so much in my life. Upon waking after the operation, I was very dizzy. I went home and experienced moderate dizziness but when getting in and out of bed I felt a thump in the operated area simultaneously accompanied by a intense wave of vertigo that lasted a second or so. This continued for three days. On the fourth night, I got out of bed and had the same occurrence but this time I noted somthing very different. I lost the hearing in the ear, tinnitus was intense and everytime I talked or cleared my throat my right side would vibrate and it made me dizzy. I contacted the doctor and it took him three days to tell me to come in. I drove 200 miles to the hospital (wife driving) and he said he needed to do the operation again because he said I likely had a granuloma. Imagine that. A 1% chance to get this and I got it. He told me he wanted to operate that night but I had eaten so I could not. He said it was extremely necessary to get this operation immediately or risk 100 hearing loss. He told me with this revision I had a 25% chance of getting my hearing or some of it back. I was terrified because I have a prosthesis in my left and if that goes bad I am a deaf mute. I had the operation on 26 May 17 and I am feeling somewhat better and I have hearing in my ear. But I am terrified that the granuloma will come back. He went back in and did a fiscia graft, used a different prsothesis, cleaned out the granuloma and closed me back up. Has anyone had any experience with this lousy luck?

My biggest regret is having this operation when in reality I could have easily lived with my right ear the way it was and got a hearing aid when/if it got any worse. I am furious with the surgeon because in light of the state of hearing on the right ear should have caused him to advise me against it. I quesitoned him on this and I requested my medical records. He slipped in a statement in thei record saying that he recommended hearing aid over the surgery which is a LIE but I have no way of proving it. Neverthe less, water under the bridge. He is considered one of the best ear surgeons in Miami and I trusted his judgement.

Does anyone know the success rate after revision surgery due to granuloma syndrome and what follow-on symptoms I could expect if this condition returns south?

My advice to everyone. If you do not have a major hearing loss DO NOT get this surgery. It is not worth it. A hearing aid is much better than being deaf for life.

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