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Marieb3 05-06-2020 11:53 AM

Chemo- hearing loss
Hey everyone,

So I wanted to see if anyone out there has had to deal with hearing loss from chemo- feeling pretty devastated right now. For the past three months Iíve been treated for recurrent nasopharyngeal cancer (was 15 years no cancer before this); the treatment is just chemo for now, carboplatin, taxol, and keytruda immunotherapy. I had major hearing loss from my very first treatment with original cancer in 2003, but just this weekend I started hearing some more ringing in my one good ear, then yesterday and today, I woke up and noticed a huge change in my hearing. Like I can barely hear my own voice now. I have been using a BAHA device which has helped over the past years, but now itís not enough. And like in one day everything has changed. Peopleís voices sound like they are talking in a tin drum- I donít know, metallic.

Ugh, of all the side effects so far, this is definitely the worst. Iím seriously afraid Iím going to wake up tomorrow deaf. I am supposed to have a hearing test to confirm thatís itís really the chemo causing this, but I already know. Is anyone else basically going deaf from chemo? How have you dealt with it? I already know some sign language, and will upgrading to a better hearing processer, but if itís nerve damage i donít know if that will really help. Iím sad that I canít hear my kids. I know Iím supposed to be thankful to just be alive, but sometimes it doesnít feel that way. Thanks for reading, hope everyone is staying safe from the virus. ~Marie

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