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organic01 11-21-2020 07:25 AM

Hearing Loss in One Ear

My right ear is hearing less than the left ear. I don't feel any pain and my ear canal is clear (went to ENT to remove wax).

My right ear hears less:

- when hearing everyday sounds, closing the left ear result to about 80% reduction in hearing but closing the right ear has no effect to my over all hearing.

- when on using ear buds, both ear seems to be almost balance but right ear has a bit lower reception of sound.

- on certain sound, I sometimes feel some vibrations inside my right ear. This does not occur on my left ear.

By my description above, it's sure that my right ear has a problem.

By the recommendation of my ENT, I went Audiologist for test. But because audiometry is done with a headset, it does not capture the hearing loss I experience when listening to background sounds in the surroundings.

So results come back with a slightly reduced hearing in right ear only. My ENT quickly dismissed it as there is nothing wrong. ENT said eardrum is ok, canal is ok. But I am pretty sure there is since I experience complete reduction of surrounding sounds when closing my left ear while no effect when closing my right ear!

So my question is, where is this hearing loss coming from?

JohnR41 11-21-2020 11:52 AM

Re: Hearing Loss in One Ear
Being that your ENT doctor said everything checks out okay you might want to think about seeing a neurologist. I don't know how old you are but my father had a couple of mini strokes when he was about 55 and his doctor said he couldn't find anything wrong. Well, we found out later that my father's sense of smell was gone completely. So I'm just assuming that the same thing might be possible with one's sense of hearing.

And from what I understand, mini strokes could happen at night while sleeping. Do some research or ask your primary care doctor. But in my father's case, there wasn't anything that could be done.

So I guess the point of seeing a doctor is to see if you can rule it out. If you can rule it out, then you can go on to look for some other cause.

Best of luck.

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