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marjs_life 07-15-2004 02:30 AM

parched ears or blocked eustachian tubes
:bouncing: :nono: :eek: PARCHED eustachian tubes
thats maybe what i have but its scarey whatever it is
can anyone relate to this
i get blocked muffled ears and it tightens my throat and i have trouble swallowing because of ears buzz and ring and and i feel closed off trapped and like im dying
it causes extreme anxiety...and really tight muscles as im so dizzy and off balance because of im sure its causing all over problems from not being i can feell the pulling in my ear all the way down into my middle of breastbone,,,,i go to swallow and ears..feel electrified and the ringing hissing humming vibrational feeling rocks my whole body.....sometimes i feel like a got a lump in my throat other times i feel like theres too much air inside my ear canals...but always its blocked and muffled with the mad ring...the ringing noise changes frequency and that determines what symptom i will get....follow your ringing noise and you will see what i mean
its terrible and we need answers

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