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L5S1 05-04-2005 08:56 AM

Sudden Hearing Loss
A few days ago, I noticed I could not hear in my left ear. I went to a ENT and was told I had Sudden Hearing Loss and was told the audio tests indicate I have permanent hearing loss and the ENT could not find the source of the problem. The ENT prescribed massive doses of prednisone and said he had a small window which the prednisone might help recover a portion of my hearing.

I was wondering if anyone else on this board has the same hearing problem and if the prednisone was able to recover any of your hearing.

Take Care!!

eargirl17 05-04-2005 01:01 PM

Re: Sudden Hearing Loss

I am so sorry to learn of your experience.... I work with 2 ENT's and I wanted to let you know that, yes, I have seen a patient with sudden sensorineural hearing loss regain almost all of his hearing after steroid therapy. Unfortunately, this is rare, as most patients do not get the treatment in time. The sooner you get the steroids after the loss occurs, the better your chances. I'm afraid the chances are small, regardless, but there is always a possibility. Doesn't hurt to try, right? Other than the prednisone can make you feel bad for a little while....

Wishing you the best!!!

L5S1 05-05-2005 05:41 PM

Re: Sudden Hearing Loss
Hi eargirl17 :wave:

Your post has been a great help to me!!!! My ENT did not explain anything to me except to take the steroids for two weeks and then return to him. I did not even know the name of the ear problem until you said sudden sensorineural hearing loss. Thank you as I can now do some research on the internet.

How many days do you have before steroid treatments do not work? I was about 5 days before I could see a ENT and began taking steroids. I am seeing some progress with about 30% of my hearing has returned but I do not know if I will see 100% or if I will lose what I have regained once I stop the steroids.

Do you know what causes sudden sensorineural hearing loss? I cannot understand how one day I have hearing and the next I have nothing and there was no earache or congestion which could trigger this condition. The only thing I had done on the day my hearing quit was have an MRI on my back but they gave me ear plugs. I cannot see how an MRI could cause hearing loss.

My hearing loss has also come at a very bad time as I am scheduled for my 5th back surgery next Tuesday. I was afraid my ortho was going to postpone the surgery due to the high dose of steroids and the threat of contracting an infection.

Thank you for your best wishes!! :angel:

Take Care

juliep6 05-14-2005 09:43 AM

Re: Sudden Hearing Loss
I just got reading your post, and the same thing has happened to me. May lst, woke up with loss of hearing in right ear. I already have loss in my left ear (conductive loss), but after going to my ear doctor 5 days later, and after a audiogram, confirmed a SSNL.....also put me on Prenisone for 7 days, then taper. Today is my taper day....and can't really see a whole lot of improvement. Still feels very full and plugged....can hear, but can't make out what people are saying. Was a bad week last week....a little bummed, and very vulnerable. I'm feeling better every day, I go back to my ear doctor this Tues to see is there has been any improvement in hearing. I have been crossing my fingers for some return, but everybody has been very honest with me....some regain all, some regain some, and some regain none!! HOPE I'M SOMEWHERE IN THE FRONT!! Good luck to you too.

juliep6 05-14-2005 09:50 AM

Re: Sudden Hearing Loss
Hi Eargirl,

Your reply to L5S1 was very comforting, I feel I got treatment in time (within 5 days)...but I also want to know, once I stop the Pregnisone, will it stop working......I know it's not a good idea to be on Prednisone for a length of time, but was just curious to know once you have stopped, hopefully the return will still gradual improve. It is a slow process, have to be patient they tell me. My doctor told me it was caused by a viral infection...but I didn't have a cold or anything before that. I have read that the Herpes Simplex virus could also be a reason. I do have that. I get cold sore 2-3 times a year, consistently for the last 20 years......This has thrown me for a loop, but like I said before, I'm slowly getting my senses back (unfortunately not much hearing yet)...and trying to deal with it. I tell myself, could be ALOT ALOT worse.

L5S1 05-15-2005 03:56 PM

Re: Sudden Hearing Loss
Hi Juliep6 :wave:

I am sorry to read you experienced sudden hearing loss. The prednisone has really helped me. My hearing returned very slowly and can almost say I have 100% return of hearing. I still have a lot of ringing in my left ear and I took my last prednisone this evening. I am also very concerned whether I will lose the hearing again over the next several weeks as the prednisone wears off (especially after the ENT said my audiogram reflected permanent hearing loss). I also have an appt with my ENT on Tuesday and I have a lot of questions I am planning to ask during my appt.

I wish you had better luck with the prednisone as I did and maybe it will take a little longer for the medication to work for you. One thing my ENT did say was if I noticed my hearing started to decrease while I was going off the prednisone, I had to immediately restart the prednisone.

Take Care

juliep6 05-16-2005 06:50 PM

Re: Sudden Hearing Loss
I am very glad for you that your hearing returned......and I too am scheduled to go to my ear doctor this Wednesday. I take my last Prednisone tomorrow, and now I can honestly say I feel a little has come back. Not all of my hearing, but some. The true test will be the audiogram. That is a very important question I plan to ask to, willl I lose the hearing once the Prednisone leaves my body. I sure hope not, I don't want to be on Prednisone any longer than I have to, even though I tolerated it very well, without any ill effects. I still have some swooshing noise in my ear, but I can tell a little bit has come back. Good luck to you, and will keep you posted as far as what my ENT says. It's nice to compare. Also, I forgot to mention, my ENT also prescribed Dyazide to go along with the Prednisone. I think they try anything they can. Good luck to you.

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