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answersplease 12-18-2008 01:26 AM

Re: Just dx'd with patulous drive-me-crazy eustachian tube
[QUOTE=OhMyEars;3821025]Gee, I wasn't aware that tea was a "foreign chemical." It comes from a plant for goodness sake. How foreign can that be? I'll buy the dehydration theory, though. That makes more sense to me. Good suggestion. I'll definitely increase my water intake and see if that helps.

Sunny day yesterday and only mild symptoms....[/QUOTE]

Yes, tea is not a foreign substance. I think I was unclear somehow. But I think dehydration is the main issue with tea...I'd also suggest no coffee, caffeinated beverages of any kind (certain sodas).

answersplease 12-18-2008 01:30 AM

Re: Just dx'd with patulous drive-me-crazy eustachian tube
[QUOTE=tigersaint;3820776]Hi Cami-- Sorry for the slow response; haven't checked in in about a week... Yes, i did post almost two years ago that i was going to an allergist and she thought i might have CVID- but it turns out that i didn't. Even though it would've explained my symptoms, i was very relieved to find out that i didn't have it since the treatment involves being connected to an IV machine 3 or 4 times a week- which would seem to interfere with normal life even more than PET(!) My PET (or what i think is PET) has continued to be a problem, but on the bad days i try to focus on the positive things that i do have , like relatively good health, instead of the negatives that go along with PET-- as trite as that might sound. But if you, or anyone here, thinks that your immune system might be compromised- then by all means get tested for CVID; there's lots of info on it on the web, but a couple things i remember learning aboout it was that it is congenital (you are born with it) and people who have it usually have a lot of ear problems as young children (i had tubes 3 times, which is one reason the Dr. thought i might have it.) Good luck!



Thanks so much for following up.
I had some blood tests done by an endocrinologist, and everything checked out fine, so I don't think I've got any issues with my immune system. That IV deal does sounds horrible too!


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