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nedine 05-09-2011 11:25 AM

I just came down with a terrible cold that has affected my throat, sinuses and ears. I had my staplectomy March 29th.
I have been blowing my nose because of being so conjested. This morning I have been aware of reduced hearing and fullness in my left ear (staplectomy). Is it possible that the piston has slipped or am I just experiencing inflammation in the ear due to the cold.
Can anyone answer this question? Has anyone come down with a cold after staple surgery?
:confused: Nedine

RealityMatt 05-10-2011 06:43 PM

Re: Staplectomy
Hi Nedine!

Of course I am no ENT, but given it's been 6 weeks now since your Stapedectomy (I had mine exactly the same day ;) ), I would think it is very unlikely that your cold has dislodged the piston. My understanding is that where such areas of the body a delicate and take their time to heal back fully to a optimal function, the body heals around the prosthesis very quickly and 6 weeks in only extreme or sudden pressure change or trauma is likely to dislodge it.

It's very likely the hearing loss and fullness is a result of pressure changes in your ear. Ive noted when you have a stapedectomy, you awareness of pressure changes in the ear is a little more elevated. My ears are popping and seemingly clogging up all the time without a cold. So anything like Sinus or nasal blockage to even inflammation will cause an effect. If you have a cold I would recommend keeping water out of the recently operated ear, as infections are common post a cold or virus.

The cold aside, I hope the hearing has been great, and you are recovering well. :)
Let me know how you are when the evil cold leaves you alone :)
Speaking of cold, it's freezing here in Sydney, coldest May week in many years. You will laugh when I say that cold here in Australia is when it gets below 10c overnight.


nedine 05-11-2011 03:59 AM

Re: Staplectomy
Hi Matt,
Is your tinnitis still there? Mine is not any better since they took the packing out. I expected more improvement. When I sleep on my non-operated ear, I still don't hear very well out of the operated ear because of the tinnitis. Is it the same with you? I have an appointment see my ENT June 7th 11;30 for my first hearing test. I wish it was sooner.
It's raining here in Thunder Bay :( Gloomy day.

nedine 05-11-2011 05:14 PM

Re: Staplectomy
Hey Matt,
Do people in Australia get colds? Stupid question but just a thought. It's cold in Canada with cold and flu viruses everywhere but it's warm in Australia all year round.
Hearing terrible today!!! Missed alot of spoken words with my patients today :( Hope this cold goes away soon. It's causing me so much grief. Leaving for Minneapolis, Minnesota on Friday morning for the weekend maybe shopping will make me happy, it usually does.
Nedine :)

RealityMatt 05-11-2011 07:10 PM

Re: Staplectomy
Hi Nedine,

Unfortunately I still have Tinnitus in recently operated ear. My ENT did say it should improve for me as I heal, but I can easily say thus far it hasn't. My understanding is that Tinnitus only improves in about 50% of the cases. Thus it is likely that if you had it before, you will have it after the operation. what usually happens is that the improvement in hearing results in less perception of it.

In exactly the same way as you I notice most at night in bed. For me it's the same in both ears pretty much although it is higher pitched in my recently operated ear. The hearing is much improved though, and although it's frustrating and difficult to deal with the tinnitus at times, I'm happy in the fact that it is no longer a struggle for me to communicate.

My understnding of Tinnitus based on my online research and questions I have asked Doctors, is that is caused due to the brain having trouble processing the vibrations from your conductive mechanisms (eardrum, and bones which include the stapes). The brain senses a vibration, but it isn't what it quite expects so it makes a noise to compensate for that frequency.

It is important to remain positive, I am told that over time Tinnitus can reduce as the brain learns to interpret vibrations again. Additionally, as the hearing improves post operatively the tinnitus can become less perceptible, and often if the ringing is new we will adapt and can learn to effectively mask the sound or cope with them. So keep being the positive Nedine we are getting to know! :)

To answer you question - Of course we get colds and flu in Australia. Those pesky little buggers are everywhere. ;) Although it is largely warmer in this big brown country, the temperature changes can often be extreme. Where winter days can get up to 24 degrees when it's dry, clear and sunny. Overnight they will quickly drop to freezing. :dizzy:

Oh Shopping! I need to do some of that Today during my lunch hour. Is Minneapolis a famed shopping spot?

I hope you feel better soon, and enjoy the shopping spree.

nedine 05-12-2011 05:55 AM

Re: Staplectomy
Hi billcindy1 and Matt,

I woke up this morning with high ringing in my ear and discomfort in the operated ear :( I think this upper respiratory virus is now causing a secondary problem with my ear. I just went ahead and premedicated myself with an antibiotic. I have to be cautious I don't want an ear infection after all this. Zithromax will stop any bacterial infection very quickly.
I will stay positive. I know the healing process will take its course and that I can't expect results over night. It's too bad that I caught this virus. Everyone in the office was getting sick. I kept using the surgical scrub soap inbetween patients and an antibacterial gel and ended up getting it anyways :(
Well, it's going to be a beautiful day in Thunder Bay today, a high of 75. Tomorrow I be leaving for Minneapolis, Minnesota which is approximately a 6 hour drive once you cross the american boarder. Minneapolis has a population of maybe 1.5 million. It has great shopping, restaurants and this weekend the Minnesota Twins are playing the Toronto Blue Jays. Watching the game will interfere with shopping-lol-I'll save that for another trip down south.
Have a super day and great weekend :) We will all surpass these ear issues one day at a time.
Take Care

nedine 05-19-2011 04:38 AM

Re: Staplectomy
What Happened??????

On May 13, I blew my nose and my hear popped. I couldn't believe it. My hearing was 100% recovered. I was so happy, my hearing was so clear. No fullness, no ringing of the ear. Sounds were so crystal clear. The surgery was 100% successful. It was unbelieveable. I was so elated, so happy. Then 12hours later I took a shower with an ear plug in. I was very careful washing my hair and then I felt some water get into the ear canel and trickle into the inner ear and it was over. The ear got plugged and the hearing was gone. What happened? I had 12 hours of unbelievable hearing, is it gone forever? Has this ever happened to anyone? My ENT is out of town and an family physician couldn't explain what happened. I hope my hearing comes back again. I have never experience hearing like that for years.
I'm not usually superstious but it was Friday the 13th. :(


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