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kulalisa 03-15-2012 12:15 AM

Stapendectomy Two Days Ago
I had a stapendectomy 2 days ago. My ear feels really clogged and filled with fluid. I have minor pain. Went out into the world today and it seems really LOUD! Every sound feels like sensory overload. Does this get better with time?

Jacki93 03-15-2012 01:13 PM

Re: Stapendectomy Two Days Ago
Hi Kulalisa

I know what you mean but I am slightly amazed that everything is loud with the packing still in your ear, it must mean that your new hearing results will be excellent. I just had my packing out of my ear and, to start with, didn't notice much as it was quiet and my other ear is within the normal range.

The surgeon said I should not worry about my car as I drove back home if it sounded loud because the low tones are louder to start off with. At that point, I wasn't sure there was a big difference so I was feeling a little disappointed. However, when I got in my car I noticed how noisy it was. I went for a walk outside and traffic noise sounded much louder, it was quite unpleasant but encouraging that my hearing seems to have improved. I then went into a supermarket and noticed the electric humming noise made by the fridges in a way that I didn't before and was even more impressed.

Speech sounds a bit funny at the moment, a bit like daleks talking but my surgeon said things will sound like I am hearing them down a tunnel for about another week then things should get better.

I think it will take both of us some time to adjust to the new sounds but then it should get better. I have read stories from many people on this website who seem very impressed by their results but people say that it is a matter of weeks/months before things finally settle down and there are no more weird effects.


peofe 03-18-2012 12:34 PM

Re: Stapendectomy Two Days Ago
Hi Kulalisa,

I am interested in hearing how you are doing since you had your procedure the day before I had mine.

I am not hearing much thru my operated ear with all the packing and a cotton ball taped over it. I am having the sensation of a change in directional hearing, so I guess I am getting some sound thru it.

Only problems so far are a very itchy ear and loss of taste on the operation side of my tongue.

I don't go back to the doc until 3 weeks post-op for packing removal.

How are you doing???

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