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tinchito 05-08-2012 06:50 PM

Stapedectomy Report May 3rd from Argentina
First of all, Id like to thank Soundboy who write " New Stapedectomy Report " last november of 2009 . His report was my first step in this forum. Then I spent several nights reading another cases with more or less bad symptoms but all wrote with optimism and warm words to all of us, who suffer hearing disorders. Thanks a lot , also, to the others who had written several reports that help me make my dream come true taking the surgery option and to Clare, Fantine and Cindy who stay in touch with me on these last days.;)

History : my history began 15 years ago with my first audiogram confirming my lite othoesclerosis on my left ear. Then, I began to use hearing aid on that ear , year by year the otoesclerosis had grown.Actually my right ear has mild loss and my left with a severe loss, so, on these days I use aids on both ears.

Im 49 years old and the trouble to talk in noisy environments, the MUST need spare battery and the bad sound quality of the hearing aids change my way to see the surgery option.So two years ago, as soon as I assumed I need hearing aid on the right ear too I began to look for a good surgeon who can inform me the procedure, it risks and it pros. I found a very good one who deeply inform me about the 90% possibility of closing the bone-air gap with laser procedure.
6 months ago he ordered me a high resolution tomography of both ears and logoaudiometries (speech recognition) by bone and by air, so he can give me a certain gain if everything gone well.

I made my mind up and decide to op last 05/03.:)

Experience : i arrieved at the hospital 7.15 am and i entered to the op room at 9 am . The last thing i remembered is the doctor telling me that ill begin to sleep and .... voil : i woke up at my room. Im truly tell you that not suffer any vertigo, nor nausea and when I felt a little little of pain a nurse gave me a sublingual pill that stop it quickly at all.
I could leave the hospital at 7 pm but I prefer to stay till friday morning.
On friday 4 th of May went home. Resting A LOT and moving on "slow camera" did that I stay well, without pain and vertigo until now.
My control will be next May 10 th. so I know Ill need to be veeeery patient till I began hearing better.

Well, I hope not boring you and I also hope these words could encourage another people as your reports and words encourage me to make this wonderful , wise, and healthy decision.


tinchito 05-10-2012 04:33 PM

Re: Stapedectomy Report May 3rd from Argentina
Hi all
Today I had my first control, with getting all pack out. All continue OK !!!;)
Ive a little discomfort with loud noises on the street ( motors, ambulance, etc) and I hear many sounds (generally low frequencies) like "unreal" but as long as I read this forum I assume that its normal.

Best regards,


tinchito 05-17-2012 07:36 PM

Re: Stapedectomy Report May 3rd from Argentina
I had my second control today ( 2 weeks post op)
Everything goes well with the " strange sounds" related by many here.
My balance is practically 10/10, so ... Im maintaining my positive actitude and the prevention tips : no water into the ear, blow the nose gently , etc etc and maintain my patient in order to achieve better speech recognition soon.
The sutures did not gone by itself so I have to wait another 7 days to set an appointment and the doctor will see if they still there. I yes he must cut them.
Well see ...
More news shortly but im amazed to hear even strange sound in my operated ear !!!
Best luck for all !!!

tinchito 06-06-2012 08:07 PM

Re: Stapedectomy Report May 3rd from Argentina
Hi all
One month from op and ...... ( suspense music...) IM HAPPY TO BEGAN TO HEAR BETTER EACH DAY !!!! To hear my sun , now I can use the cell phone with my left hand using my left ear , even to wake me up with the neighboursnoise , jajaja
Im soooooooooooooooooooooooo happy !!!
Thanks a lot to all that write on this forum anytime ! God bless you !

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