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Fantine 06-23-2012 07:06 AM

Bilateral Stapedectomies
Hello, I would like to hear from people who had bilateral otosclerosis and stapedectomies in both ears. Did you have any problems with taste or dry mouth after the surgeries? I have bilateral otosclerosis and got my left ear operated on last year. I was supposed to have the right ear done in April, but I cancelled the surgery because I was having problems with dry mouth. There is some medical literature that says that having the chorda tympani nerves in BOTH ears stretched or cut will cause many more problems with taste and dry mouth than just having the surgery in one ear, so I'd be very curious if people who had both ears operated on could let me what their experiences are. Right now, I'm using a hearing aid in my right ear, and I get along OK this way, but I have lots more tinnitus in the right ear. Thanks for any help.

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