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rooster7532 03-06-2014 10:15 AM

air bone gap?
I had a couple of hearing tests over the last 6 months (once at the hearing center in a local Costco Wholesale and one as a follow up with an ENT in my network - reffered by Costco audiologist). I have a third hearing test scheduled for this afternoon. So far I have learned that my left ear is normal but my right ear doesn't hear the higher end frequencies unless they are really loud or close by.

The reason why I have had 2, now going on a 3rd, hearing test is the ENT specialist in Murray, UT that I've been seeing doesn't feel confident in giving me a diagnosis yet. he says there's a big discrepancy (spelling?) in air and bone test results. He thinks a 3rd test performed by the same testor under the same conditions will help to get enough data to make a diagnosis.

I just want to make a decision on how to fix my hearing for my right ear.

test results for right ear:

ear drum is perfect

no wax build up or fluid

hearing issue not caused by injury that i know of

low frequency sounds come in fine

high frequency sounds are very quiet or inaudible unless very loud or resonate in close proximity.

I pick up sound better from the air coming in to my ear in comparison to the sound that resonates from my skull. The threshold for receiving sound waves at either or both locations should work in perfect harmony. The difference between the two is referred to as an "air-bone-gap". my gap is relatively small. the ENT says that my symptoms and the test result don't fit the text book description for the diagnosese he's familiar with and so further testing is required.

has anyone had a similar test result?

I don't want to get an ear surger to fix or replace any inner bones as I've heard horror stories about what can happen post operation when I've read through other message board threads.

please help to have good questions for my appointment with the ENT. If you have had the same or similar test results.

other info about me: I take some medications for anxiety and depression (ritalin and wellbutrin) at low doses each day/as needed.

I'm 29. My little girl (2 years old) screams now. I worked in a grocery store dairy for a year about 4 years ago: exposed to frequent loud abrupt and stalling noises every day. I hear ringing in my ear only once in a blue moon but it does happen. I am very sensitive to changes in air prssure.

rooster7532 03-06-2014 10:22 AM

Re: air bone gap?
i also had ear infections and lots of wax buildup in both ears at age 18 - 24 months. Dr. wonders if the resultant fevers and infections may have started the hearing issues in my right ear.

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